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  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    look at this fat greasy pug eating dirty cheese off the floor, and his desire for that cheese

    yall need to harness that same level of desire and you can be come the next daigos!!!!!!!

    that pug's got the attitude of a chihuahua. my pug never gets mad and is super stupid.
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    MilesRiey wrote: »
    Seriously though if you never saw event horizon its the perfect time the halloweens are upon us

    Its rare but I like it when movies blend science with the demonic.

    Hmm other movies that are good and involve demonic stuff would be Southbound, Starry Eyes, Last Shift, The Conjuring 1 and 2 and Annabelle 2 (Skip the first one, it's baaaad).
    Hey guys, what are some good, scary movies to rent right now?

    Didn't see that evilcanadian was referring to this :V

    Well anyways here are some (beyond the ones I mentioned):

    Ouija 2 (Just like Annabelle 2, skip the first because it's bad. It doesnt matter much anyway since both are prequels to the first. Only watch those If you really feel curious about it)
    Session 9
    Blackcoat's daughter (this one is probably more different than you may expect)
    Jeepers Creepers
    The Thing (there is also a prequel that was released in 2011 I think and it was ok)
    Hellraiser 1 and 2 (it goes downhill afterwards, though I did enjoy 6 quite a bit)
    Bone Tomahawk
    Midnight meat Train
    In Fear
    We are what we are
    The loved ones
    The Devil's Candy
    The Den
    The Monster
    The Autopsy of Jane Doe
    The Canal
    Banshee Chapter
    The Tunnel
    Grave Encounters (It also has a sequel that is pretty divisive among people who likes the first, apparently. I won't say much about it but I'm not gonna recommend it here)
    Ils (Them)
    Silent House
    V/H/S 1 and 2 (there is also a third one that I havent seen, but heard is pretty bad)
    Bug (2006)
    Lights Out
    Insidious (all 3 are worth a watch imo)
    As above so below

    you guys should check out The Wailing (Korean).
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Trife88 wrote: »
    Trife88 wrote: »
    My gtx 600 video card blew up this morning

    It would mean a lot to me if you all paid your respects to my lose this morning

    I'm so passed mad I think I've reached a new level of's almost....peaceful

    that is mad old. that card did you a favor.

    Find me one in the $150-160 range please.

    I have been outside looking into the sky for the last 30 minutes. I'm not sure how to feel or start my day right now....I'm in complete Zen and it's scaring me

    maybe a refurbished GTX 960? that's not very strong but it will definitely play SFV easily and is in the $150-160 range and blows away the 600. 600537575&IsNodeId=1&Submit=ENE

    or like Skort said, save up for the 1060 as that one is much more future-proof.
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    TWINBLADES wrote: »
    So fucking salty. Got bodied by Super Diamond Menat in rank and I feel like I don’t know how to play this stupid fucking game.

    I know I know get gud.


    no one does except maybe Punk.
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Zeku looks interesting, especially in Strider form. damn, deleted the game yesterday out of frustration but i think i just might spend fight money unlocking this guy. dont suck...*fingers crossed*