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  • Re: The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: The Philadelphia Eagles are your 2017-18 Super Bowl Champions!!

    CTG wrote: »
    Saitsu wrote: »
    He was horrible, but the whole team was horrible. Also his spot wasn't in jeopardy simply because no one wanted to go to Jacksonville so there weren't any decent replacements.

    But really, if you want to start race talks now, go right ahead, we'll do this shit all night.

    They were in position to draft other QBs - they didn't. Is Kizer going to get the same 3 year tryout Bortles did? Hell no. And the Browns as a franchise is the sorriest thing most of us has seen in team sports.

    Tyrod's point was valid - a black QB has to be amazing to keep his job, while white QBs who have proven they can't get it done get every chance imaginable, then become backups. Let's ignore Kap for now. Why wasn't RG3 on a roster? Point is and I'm not going to debate it b/c it's a fact - white QBs get a seemingly endless rope.

    What about Wilson? I know he isn't black enough to most people & even his teammates but he's breaking all kinds of records but isn't being recognize.

    He broke pretty much all the records for his first 5 seasons.
    Most 4th quarter back wins since he entered the league...
    2nd QBR of all time

    This season he was...

    #1 in Total TDs (37)
    #1 in Passing TDs (34)
    #2 in Total Yards (4,569 combined passing and rushing yards, 40 yards less than Tom Brady)
    #1 Highest Percentage of Team's TDs and Yards in NFL History
    #1 Most 4th Quarter TD Passes in NFL History

    Yet when people talk about him they say does a lot for the team but doesn't have the stats to be mvp???Hell people still think he's a game manager.

    Then you have whiteboy Andrew Luck who hasn't done shit & probably might not play again is one of the greatest young QB out.

  • Re: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)

    All this arcade perfect thing is kinda bullshit for tournaments...Do most of the people bitching even play the real arcade competitively anymore? I used to bring my head 2 head arcade cabs & its the same old ass 8 people coming to play ST. Dreamcast was good enough...360/PS3 was good enough...Supergun CPS2 is good enough but yet its the same old ass people coming to play & no new blood...No one cares because its old game that no one wants to really play during tournaments except for a select few.

    Im excited for the online portion of this collection. HDR on the 360 blows aways GGPO/Fightcade, if they can somehow replicate that with these other games that would be awesome. Ultra SF2 was pretty awesome too except for no lobbies.

  • Re: The Netflix Thread

    I was going to come in here & recommend Godless but looks like crucades already recommended it! Man that was fucking amazing! Loved it!
  • Re: The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: The Philadelphia Eagles are your 2017-18 Super Bowl Champions!!

    Go watch flag football & WNBA then you pansies...Wilson did not show any signs of concuss right after the hit, when they took him out, or when he got right back in. You guys are trying to make it a bigger deal then it needs to be. Lets just take out every player everytime they get hit better yet lets just have the players do two hand touch for their health & saftey.
  • Re: The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: The Philadelphia Eagles are your 2017-18 Super Bowl Champions!!

    Eagles seem to have a really easy schedule this year...Looking at the remaining schedule seems like a cakewalk to get into the playoffs. Im still not convince they are a top 3 NFC team yet. I still got the the Seahawks, Faclons, & Packers ahead of them. No one seem to be really dominate though this year & seem like quite a few teams can win the superbowl.

    Im rooting for them to beat the DEadskins so i can be $50 happier.