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  • Re: Arcade stand at evo2014

    This will sound ridiculous, especially from an FGC pocketbook point of view, but I wouldn't build another one for less than $1,500

    I build this stuff using nothing but hand held power tools, welding equipment, drills, routers, etc, down to the joystick mount. Its a long process & my time is unfortunately at a premium.

    The other option is to outsource almost all the work, and although the cost would come down below the G mark, they would no longer be in the realm of unique works, and thats what I was going for.

    This also requires making all the diagrams, plans & blueprints available to the people making each part, I don't have any of that as i build from the plans in my head nor have the expertise to make professional blueprints someone else could follow. I'll talk to some ppl involved & see if this can be done without my involvement.

    If you guys want these sticks, & they can be made cost-effective, I'm all for it.
  • Re: Arcade stand at evo2014

    Basically, the base is made of 2x4" rectangular steel tubing, cut & welded, with 1/4" steel plates for the diagonal upright post connections & filled with rebar for weight.The panel is 3 layers of plywood with a steel plate inlaid for the joystick & buttons. I posted a load of photos at @arkadeum on Twitter. Gimme a few days & I'll post details here.