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  • Re: Justice League/DC movie thread

    this guy gets it, i concur.

    best bit (about Steppenwolf): "...honestly, he looks like rejected Sauron concept art that some visual effects guy has had on his computer since 2002."
    fucking LOLOL
    following Thor: Ragnarok was a big mistake even with all of the built-up hype surrounding the film.
    it's such a travesty since the DC books are so solid right now but hey, that's what you get from Zack Snyder AND Joss Whedon which is the polar opposite of the Russo brothers for these type of movies right now.
  • Re: Justice League/DC movie thread

    Fucking hell.

    The scene transitions are sometimes jarring which leads to a very unpleasant viewing experience. Add to that a weak plot and main villian and voila! Box office flop motherboxer!

    Can I just say that Affleck was phoning it in with some scenes which might be the re-shoots whedon made? Gadot, Momoa and Miller we're great but can't say it's anywhere near to Avengers 1 and I think Joss was aiming for that (didn't get there).

    Overall, it's a 6/10 for me.
    Thank goodness we're getting The Last Jedi next month!
  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    Mcdonald's coffee and a sundae cone, fast and effective.
    Unless you plan on scalding yourself, I suggest melting the sundae (minus the cone) in the coffee.
    This has saved my life a few times.
  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    I think TEA is terrible. COFFEE all day everyday.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    dab00g wrote: »
    Tea is superior

    tea is for old people.
    and weeaboos.