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  • Re: USF2 Changelog and Wiki

    kedawa wrote: »
    Aren't throws also different somehow?

    Durp. You're right. Adding throw tech.
  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    So this is interesting:

    Apparently Honda's command grab can grab everyone out of their super if done on ether the same frame or the next frame of the super flash. This is weird because virtually no super that I can remember has grab-able frames in their initial invulnerable startup. The guy thinks that Hawk could do this too. Obviously this will be nearly impossible to do on purpose in the heat of a match but interesting nontheless.
  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    I don't know if anyone else has said this but U.Hawk's HK grab can no longer be used in a throw loop (it wiffs now), which makes him officially shittier than N.Hawk.
  • Re: Brook Converters Thread

    Just want to report that the beta Nintendo Switch firmware received from @GOGO.Zippy was a success for my xbox360 to WiiU Super Converter. Syncing it to the Switch was a little difficult since it lacks a sync button like the wii and wiiu but between following instructions on the brook site for syncing to the Wii-U:

    Press D-Pad Left, D-Pad Down, X, A and LB, until Super converter LED flashes


    And then go into the Change Grip / Order menu on the switch to start syncing worked after a few tries. Doesn't feel like there's any noticeable lag playing on my UFB. Good stuff!
  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    I disagree with the notion that we wouldn't have gotten anything sf2 related until ultra. Capcom was on a rampage doing HD rereleases of their old fighters last gen. We got mvc2, mvc1, msh, vs, vh, 3s, plus non-hd rereleases of stuff like cvs2 and capcom fighting jam. I would be hard pressed to believe that something sf2 related wouldn't have been tossed around in there somewhere.

    Capcom seems to have pretty much forgotten the SF2 series existed up until recently imo.