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  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    Jion_Wansu wrote: »
    O. Ken is better than V. Ken

    I never got too deep with old school street fighter, what makes O.Ken better?

    Outside of normal health, nothing. V.Ken has everything O.Ken has otherwise, only better. Even without the command dash V.Ken is arguably better.
  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    Jion_Wansu wrote: »
    Shin Akuma isn't even playable online because most if not all, ban him online, and nobody really picks normal Akuma because normal one air fireball Akuma is overrated...

    What's wrong with Claw jumping on the fence...

    I really don't get you. Vega jumping on his fence destroys his walldive game. Vega gets heavily penalized if he lands on his own stage. That's obviously bad. Also no one in their right mind would advocate allowing Shin Akuma being allowed in anything other than silly casuals. His fucking HP fireball does 50% damage. Jesus.
  • Re: USF2 Changelog and Wiki

    Random wrote: »
    First I want to say thanks, I was looking for a changelog and appreciate the effort, please keep up the good work. I also have a request; if possible could someone list the changes from an HDR perspective? I am kinda pissed they didn't keep some aspects of that game or allow it as a mode like HDR allowed ST. It is the version I am most familiar with, and I'm probably not alone in that.

    As for the tiers, I'd still put Akuma at the top, with V.Ken & E.Ryu trailing behind as 2nd and 3rd, respectively. E.Ryu seems to take more work to use effectively than V.Ken but their results are both outstanding.

    I think Chun is absolute trash now, stored Super helped her immensely, as did her grab game. Upkicks always sucked, and now she has that shitty backflip kick you gotta be wary of using, not to mention she lost her stomp into SBK for "escape" (didn't really work but it was better than nothing). Also, I like that SBK is better for getting Super faster now but it had some interesting gimmick utility which will be missed.

    Deejay's MGU seems useless now, unless I'm missing something, because I can't combo into it now to save my life. It just hits once and leaves me open. Disappointing since he was my secondary. I think Vega, Honda, and Blanka seem to be indirectly nerfed since their grab game was great. Still above the likes of Chun/Cammy.

    Haven't really tried Bison yet too much but I imagine his grab game is in the toilet, and he relied on it heavily, at least I did. J.mp seems nerfed, not sure it juggles now...

    The game is overall worse than HDR imo, and depending on who you main it may be worse than ST. As a Chun main I would probably prefer ST. Still, fun game. Hopefully another update or version comes along though.

    I wasn't planning on a HDR to USF2 changelog but if someone wants to do it I'll add a section. While I personally loved it, most people here didn't really care for HDR.
  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    rcaido wrote: »
    meh im not going to cry over Vega...Only thing that needs changing & hopefully if ever gets release in the other consoles is the lobby system. Had my best gaming experience during Hyper Fighting & HDR lobbies that i would play hours & hours everyday...Talking shit, discussing strats, or just shooting the breeze. Also love watching the matchup studying my opponent & the constant different players joining...This is what made the difference between console vs ggpo/fightcade.

    It is weird that HF and HDR (even SF4) had great lobbies and capcom would just forget about it.
  • Re: Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

    Ubersaurus wrote: »
    I will echo the request for a compiled list of known changes from ST/HDR, whether in this thread or another. Planning on bringing this to an upcoming Baltimore FGC night, would be good to have some info ready.

    I'll work on it! New thread incoming.