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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @blankaex definitely worth getting if you have a golden fanta kit. Ever since the release of tekken 7 I've tried the 309mj, 309 helpme collared version, taeyoung, fujin v2, myoungshin, kaze and if I could choose any one of those I choose the modded taeyoung. I've been testing so much to find the lever that is the most balanced. You know when you switch between levers and find that you do some stuff better but it's worse in other departments? With the taeyoung using stock grommet, myoungshin bushing, am5s with a2 for down (purely for speed), 8mm golden fanta shaft, 15mm golden fanta actuator I have zero issues doing anything. I'm talking cd both sides for a minute straight, kbd both sides for days, double/triple cd into ewgf, iWR.
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    Been testing a modified fujin v2 build the past couple days. I'm using a soft red makestick grommet with myoungshin bushing and a bored the stock actuator to accommodate an 8mm golden fanta shaft. Overall I'm not really getting any missed inputs and it's not as tiring as a stock fujin although the throw is wider due to the smaller shaft. Now I'm in the process of testing different switches with it. I credit Phantomnaut for this because i got the idea when he said the green arcade lever has closer switch positioning than the taeyoung so I decided to try it with the fujin.
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    evilj wrote: »
    Turns out I had the plastic cylinder piece , the piece you have on the bottom of the shaft before the eclip, needed to be flipped. Such a small detail and the moves and feel completely change.

    Damn ya the actuator on the taeyoung is kinda like a cone so if toots backwards then you're activating the micro switches much later. I use a 15mm golden fanta actuator on mine so its about 1.5mm smaller than stock.
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    @Marios the kaze is definitely worth it if you favor short throw. I don't have any issues on both in terms of ewgf, cd, kbd. I never miss diagonals with any of these levers. Only thing I didn't like on the fujin is instant run but I'm used to it meow so it doesn't bother me. I favor wider throw on my joysticks so I'll pick the fujin any day but depending on play style they are equal in my books. Very nice to have the kaze since it doesn't need am5s at all to be good and I prefer then with all a3s. Fujin on the other had is absolutely terrible with all a3/a2s.

    @LunaPost that's all good then. I play with the bottom cover on my omni when I'm testing parts.

    @evilj agreed the omni is by far my favorite out of the 8 fightsticks I have lol. I have an allfighsticks coming in this week and I have a feeling it will knock the omni etokki to number 2. The omni is feels very solid but the all fightstick takes that feeling to the next level. Only thing I dislike about the omni is there's not much room in the front to rest your palms but I'm used to it meow.

    @ykd u tagged me with requiemzero lol dafaq

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    @The Phamtomnaut good to know. Good find and let me know if you're successful with purchasing the battop and shaft. I wouldn't mind using a smaller actuator on the taeyoung. Yup I learned that the hard way with my fujin a couple months ago when I noticed the dents on the metal plate from the golden fanta actuators lol. Ever since then I've advised against it. I could possibly try to machine an actuator at work out of derlin to try to match the green land arcade levers size and use it on the fujin.
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