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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @thephantomnaut you can always try a myoungshin bushing and golden fanta shaft inside the fujin to reduce the tension but will have to modify fujin actuator tho. Works really well imo
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Rokwho @jey-are I'm not having any issues at all atm with this set up but switched over permanently to my fujin 7mm shaft and 14.5mm actuator on myoungshin. I just find the loose wobbly feel suits my playstyle more compared to the green arcade parts tighter feel. Try the green arcade parts with a3s instead you'll have zero issues with green arcade parts. I'm using all am5s with my myoungshin and fujin set up but I did lots of testing with a3s.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @wazwuz honestly the wobble spent bother me too much because I'm used to it but if anything eliminating the wobble would lead to more accurate inputs. The spring can and will work but depending on how much tension on the spring you'll have to compensate with the hardness of the grommet. Having the bushing machined to about .001" tolerance with shaft would indeed be way too time consuming but manganese bronze's sizes don't change much compared to steel so once you have the machine set it's good to go. If anything you'll be able to use the golden lever with or without the spring depending on user preference. If there was enough ppl that would buy say a custom metal bushing for fujin then you can get equal tension of the myoungshin without having the wobble. For ppl that dislike the wobble on fujin they are forced to used fujin bushing which results in higher tension which lead to fatigue. I for one am still using myoungshin bushing in my fujin and currently testing 14.5mm actuator with 7 mm shaft vs myoungshin with green arcade parts from wazwuz.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Good news everyone! I messaged @Wazwuz lastnight to see if he can design a metal bushing for myoungshin and looks like he was already planning on making them. So in order to eliminate the use of the stock bushing because they get worn out like crazy and sometimes come warped the metal bushing will alleviate all those problems.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    A few months late to the party here. I just ordered A3 microswitches for a 309mj that had the shitty A2 switches. Does it make a noticeable difference?

    A2's are good switches as long as you are using small actuators. A3's are good on 309 because the actuator is very big but if you were to use A3's on a 14.5mm actuator it's going to feel terrible.

    EDIT: The reasoning behind why I suggest ppl to try A2 for down when using A5M set up is because with diagonals having a lot smaller range on a2 it makes cd a million times faster without having to do wider motions that you would normally do on am5s. This set up is best used on fujin v2, myoungshin and taeyoung. I don't recommend this on 309 or kaze lever.
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