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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @masked rider panthera is definitely a really good choice for mounting a k-stick. If you plan on building a full custom enclosure and don't care about playing on Xbox one you can get an etokki omni brook ps4/pc pcb when you get your taeyoung. Comes with all the wiring you need and excluding shipping it'll cost about $80usd. If you want to save time get the omni!

    @ykd holy joystick collection batman! You almost have more than me lol

  • Re: Metal Modular Cases on eBay...

    @jopamo thanks for the reply! Unfortunately there are no Fry's in Canadia but I should be able to get all of it at MRO electronics.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @wazwuz sounds bout right since saint does all of jdcr's work on his fightstick lol. No wonder jdcr always wins cuz saint is always slaving on his stick lol. I do the same for my twin brother while he plays tekken the whole time.

    What project is Knee working on?! I'm intrigued
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @ykd no way I want the am5s...u have more that me! Lol
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Just received my infiltration lever today and both bottom gates are identical. Both gates are circle square which makes no sense at all.

    I gotten in contact with PAS and they confirmed that Samducksa messed up the gates and sent two square/circle gates instead of one of each , a circle & square/circle gate. I was really hoping that the octogate felt more like the reg octogate like from sanwa or siemitsu or even Krowl

    Damn ya it's a completely different feel compared to seimitsu/sanwa. Before I switches over to korean levers I was using a seitmitsu ls-58-01 with square gate and short throw. The throw on that thing was lol