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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Marios very odd that the actuators don't work on taeyoung shaft cuz I can use all of them on mine since it's size is only a tiny bit bigger than myoungshin's shaft. My golden crown I just received I can't use the 16.5mm actuator on the 8 and 9mm shafts because the tolerance is too tight.

    The golden fanta kits need to be packed a little better because the parts are getting damaged during shipping. My golden crown and golden fanta's plastic were both ripped upon arrival inside the paper envelope. Everything was mixed together and slightly banged up. I think somewhat wrapping all actuators and shafts with a little bubble wrap would help then wrapping the entire kit with bubble wrap instead of that thin plastic.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Banzai Ryusan

    Yo! The golden fanta kit only comes with 3 shafts and 3 actuators. The clear grommet is 35A shore hardness and the sky blue grommets (50A) no longer come with the kit. Actuator sizes are 15.5mm, 16mm and 16.5mm and shaft sizes are 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. There is a ton of info for golden fanta with thought processes about why everything is done the way it is in previous pages. As for grommet hardness you can't really compare the silicone to the stock myoungshin/taeyoung since they don't feel the same so even though u match the hardness it's not equal. Golden fanta has bigger holes which means that diagonals are easier to hit but on stock fanta the holes are tiny and don't go though all the way. The plate that has the question mark is for bottom switch support under your micro switches. The switches don't sit properly on the myoungshin. Dark blue grommet isn't 60 it's actually 55. The fourth actuator you are looking for will most likely be in the golden fanta finished product. With that said I don't know if Wazwuz is planning on replacing one of the existing actuators to make a total of 3 or going with 4. Hope I helped so little although I'm pretty clueless about what the hardness of the grommets you mentioned lol. I just know what they feel like.
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    Quasimoto wrote: »
    i bought my omni last year in septemeber brand new from ettoki, anyone have an idea if i have a taeyoung Fanta or the Myoungshin Fanta stick ?

    Just look at the battop and you'll know right away. If it's shiny smooth black finish its myoungshin and if its a little faded with a texturized finish it's a taeyoung. One other thing to mention is the taeyoung has a big nub on the underside of the battop.
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    @kimjongskill [img][/img]Screenshot_20170824-172321.png
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    @VR-Fist it's just what other members on this forum recommended but since I have the golden fanta kit I never felt the need to do it. I don't mind stiff grommets since I only use the switches when it's like that. Softer grommets on the other hand I will ride the gate all day lol. My recommendation if you can't get used to it is to just get a softer grommet rather than breaking it in. The grommet will always revert back to its orignal state when it is not used for long periods of time. I find with softer grommets I tire more easily since my hand is more prone to doing larger motions so my preference is for it to be stiffer.
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