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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Marios What I originally came up with is boring out the hole on the stock actuator and using a stock myoungshin bushing with 8mm golden fanta shaft with to replicate green arcades levers. I then asked Wawuz to make a 7mm shaft and 14.75mm derlin actuators to have the exact sizes. The set up right now feels really good but I can only imagine it will get better once said parts are used with the fujin. Rokwho introduced the idea for a custom plate to bring microswitches closer to the center to further imitate green arcade levers.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Been testing a modified fujin v2 build the past couple days. I'm using a soft red makestick grommet with myoungshin bushing and a bored the stock actuator to accommodate an 8mm golden fanta shaft. Overall I'm not really getting any missed inputs and it's not as tiring as a stock fujin although the throw is wider due to the smaller shaft. Now I'm in the process of testing different switches with it. I credit Phantomnaut for this because i got the idea when he said the green arcade lever has closer switch positioning than the taeyoung so I decided to try it with the fujin.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @marios only way to make golden fanta shafts work on fujin is to use a myoungshin grommet instead of the fujin. Only problem with that is you can't use golden fanta actuators on fujin because it will damage the metal plate since it's metal on metal. Golden fanta actuators will fit on fujin shaft but fujin actuator won't fit on golden fanta shaft. You can use the stock myoungshin actuator on the golden fanta shaft if you're interested in trying a bigger actuator.
  • Re: Metal Modular Cases on eBay...

    jopamo wrote: »
    Thanks a lot! I bought everything but the quick disconnects at my local Fry’s. I got the quick disconnects from Paradise Arcade Shop.

    Good to know thanks. Just giving credit where its due and hope I can get my build as clean as yours.
  • Re: Metal Modular Cases on eBay...

    @jopamo really love how clean the wiring is! Where did you buy the wiring to do this?