0.5mm Neoprene? Similar 0.5mm sheet material for OSBF silencers?


Does that stuff exist? IMO the 1mm Neoprene silencers sold by some FGC sites aren’t entirely well designed. They’re thick enough that they begin impeding button movement at almost exactly actuation point. There’s a good reason why keyboard buttons and arcade stick buttons and so on actuate before they bottom out. It’s so that you can have sensitive feedback - you can actuate the button without having to hit something solid every time. For example, with the silencers I got from the FocusAttack website, I’m finding it very awkward to double tap neatly. Whereas before the feeling would be like drumming on very soft springs, now it requires hitting the switch into the hard rubber, so that you feel two hard thunks as you do a double tap. Pianoing feels awkward too, as does Akuma’s Ultra 1 and Super. Whereas all of these actions before would be done with a light grazing touch, thus avoiding hitting the bottom of the buttons, I now always hit something hard, making my fingers “bounce” back.

Could someone suggest an alternative material that goes as thin as 0.5mm, while still having desirable qualities (springiness, durability, etc.)?


Have you tried the Kahuna silencers?


Do you have any experience with the Kahuna silencers? I’ve used the normal round foam ones(That look the same as the ones that come in the silenced Sanwa buttons), they did well for the sound but hated the squish and feel of the buttons, was going to try the ones on Focusattack but I have a feeling they will feel the same. I’m guessing it’s either quiet and squishy or loud and normal.


Yes, I made them. We had a button setup at the MadCatz table with all the different pads in them. Everyone I saw who tested them liked Kahuna best.


Oh nice, I guess I’ll add it to my list, the “Big” ones fit 30mm Sanwa buttons just fine? Or are they actually only for Seimitsu like it says?


They’ll fit but they’ll feel mushier. You want the little ones for Sanwa.


Alright thanks I’ll try them out


Great, sounds very promising. Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh wow. $26 shipping to the UK.


I just received silencers from Focus Attack this week and have seen no issues with then. I dare say they are perfect for the job. Before I got them I made my own silencers from the foam wrap (cellophane?) That electronics are shipped in. I cut it with an exacto knife and they worked really well.