.001 file type help

Hey, i have a video file that’s like this
Once Upon a Time in High School (2004) [XviD] CD1.avi.001
Once Upon a Time in High School (2004) [XviD] CD1.avi.002

Their file types are 001 and 002 respectively.
Anyone have any idea how i can access these? or if there is a good program that i can use to get to them? thnks.

try re-naming them with out the .001 and .002?

try shodokan’s idea, but i think if you try using winrar on those… i believe sometimes when multiple files carry just a portion of the same image, you need to unrar them and then extract them all into one big image. Just a thought though. I think .001 and so-on are possible extensions for rar files.

^you could do that and use win-rar


HJsplit works real simple.

Heh, pr0n downloader!!! Use HJsplit.

you can go through them by hand and do the right click>open with>select program>winrar>always use this program when opening this file
for each one then just drag and drop the .001 contents

Go through by hand?
I think his hands are gonna be a little busy with that movie… :rofl:

Just use HJSplit

7-zip works well with those types of files too.

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that a Korean move and not pr0n? Like everyone else said, extract the .001 file using WinRAR. The rest (.002, .003, etc…) will automatically extract when you extract the 1st file.