(01/30/2010) GPX Gaming presents SFGT: Davie fl Dr chaos vs Flash Metroid

By GPX gaming and Beastcoast-equipments and consoles

The new shit in the EC Scene:

Street Fighter Grind Time Premier Party!

w/Special Guest: Dr. Chaos from Philadelphia, PA. aka the BEST ken in the US.

He will face off against Florida’s and US’s BEST Viper: Flash Metroid!

Who will take it? We’ll find out soon enough!

Also there will be 2 other cards on the mount as well and will be announced in due time

1 of them will be a CFL vs SFL 3v3 or 5v5 showdown which will have their own qualifier at each region.

Also before the matches begin we will hold a tradition single’s tournament as well so everyone can participate.

Now to the info:

January 30th, 2010

Davie, FL

Zero Ping LAN Center

5400 SW 44th Terrace
Davie, Florida 33314
Google Maps

Doors opens at 12pm
Singles sign ups begins at 1pm and ends at 2pmNo later!
Singles Tournament begins at 2:30pm
Break/Meal time begins at 6pm and ends at 7pm
Event Matches begins at roughly 7pm-whenever

Fees and Prizes
-Door Fee: 10 dollars Half goes to Venue, other half goes to a player in the Florida division to travel to events in other division
-Tournament Fee: 10 dollars
-Tournament prize: pot will be split 70/20/10

Rules and Regulation:
-Double Elimination
-Standard tournament rounds (2/3)
-3/5 winners, losers and Grand Finals
-Winner keeps same character

X-Box 360
This is a BYOC event. We will NOT provide you with a controller or joystick

im there

Can’t Wait! :smokin::lovin:

should be fun

I guess…get hype?!?

Let’s go EC show the love.

trying to get some shirts done for everyone.

bumpppin it

I’m totally down, if I can get directions. I mean, Davie, Florida isn’t really too specific, is there an address I’m missing? And this will be an SFIV only tourney or will there be other games?

Its at a location called Zero Ping Lan Center

Tourney has been moved to jan. 30th 2010–to give tampa and orlando plp time to come down.

We are planning to add tekken6/ stay tuned…
pretty much whats gonna happen that day

-SF4 singles
-sf4 5v5 Central Florida’s finest vs South Florida Team
-Flash Metroid vs. Dr. Chaos
-SFL very own Gaunlet will be ran for Dr. Chaos/ pretty much plays everyone there-streamed and recorded for youtube(as for most of the matches that night)

and possibly, if it gets more uptown plp to come tekken6
-t6 singles
-Speaking to I$aac…CFL vs SFL t6 5v5 match.

So spread the word.


Hey I’m there, D, you know you’ll get whatever you need from me bud. can’t wait for these matches.

See you guys soon.


Are peopel ctualy coming to this? I might head down.

^^ were giving tampa and Orlando time to group up, for the 5v5s sf4.
Were gonna have a great event @ zp.

I’m in. Just make sure you show that place with the tacos.

ill b late! but ill b there to witness the ownage.

i’lll be there for sure.

Shit! If I didn’t have to go to a wedding :confused:
I would be there!!..

Shusty we want to see some beasting man! I know you want to come back from Titans of Tampa brotha!

Yo UGH!!!