(02/02/11) 8 on the Break Weekly #93

Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: MarlinPie (Cammy)
2: EMP Santhrax (Sagat)
3: Josh Wong (Guile)
4: Beef Doompling
5: EMP Remix
5: Emp Andre
7: SomethingUnique
7: Dynicksty
9: Jeff Sledge
9: Damian
9: Sai
9: quotes
13: Orso

Leave it to FYC to snap EMP’s 8 tournament win streak. Hmph.

that was quick hacker, thanks for coming out EMP, hopefully we can get some AE tournies going soon

fucked up night!!!

wow KYO! You are fucking sick. I wish I was home to watch grandfinals.

thanks for uploading mr jaxel. That grand finals was soooo INTENSE!!!

post game chat #3!!! [media=youtube]jlaSN9iGLg4[/media]