[02/08/2014] KI, SFxT, SSF4AE, UMvC3 Tournament - Spiral Series Entertainment Ranbat 2.1 (Tempe, AZ)



Ranbats are back for SSE’s second season! We’ve adjusted the games roster slightly, and placed the tournament dates between majors like SoCal Regionals and Final Round! This is the big portion of the year where our scene practices hard to do well at these majors, and for Evo in July. Come out and see the AZ FGC in action!

February 8th
February 22nd
March 8th
March 22nd
April 5th

The Gaming Zone – 930 W Broadway Ste 15, Tempe, AZ
Please be ON TIME for your tournament, as we want everything to run smoothly!! WE WILL NOT HOLD BYES FOR ANYONE!!

  • 1:45pm SFxT and KI signups close*

2:00pm - 4:30pm Street Fighter x Tekken, Killer Instinct

  • 4:15pm SF4 signups close*

4:30pm - 7:00pm Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012

  • 6:45 UMvC3 signups close*

7:00pm - 10:00pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


  • We will be running winners bracket ONLY on the stream until we get through the bulk of the tourney. Most likely will start running losers bracket matches around losers quarterfinals or losers semi’s.
    — Venue: $5
    — SFxT Entry Fee: $5
    — KI Entry Fee: $5
    — SF4 Entry Fee: $5
    — UMvC3 Entry Fee: $5

Ranbat stands for “Ranking Battle,” which is a series of 5 tournaments that count towards an overall Ranbat season. In each individual tournament, $1 of the entry fee will go to the overall season’s pot and the remaining $4 will go to that particular tournament’s pot. At the end of the tournament, top 8 will be awarded points. This will repeat for each tournament in the season while players accumulate more points. At the end of the season, the top 3 players with the most points will be the winners of the overall season and win a portion of the season’s pot.

The “Double Jeopardy Rule” basically evens the playing field on opponents who have to face one another twice in a tournament. The sets would basically be one long set of a first to four (or six for Marvel). For instance: Player A defeats Player B 2-1 on the winners side of the bracket, and the two of them have to meet again in losers down the line. Using the last score (2-1), Player B now has to win THREE games (1 to complete their first 2/3 set, then another full 2/3 set) to win the set while Player A only needs to win TWO (a single 2/3 set). Again, it’s basically a race to four (or six for Marvel), spread over both sets. When your match is called, please remember to tell the TOs right away to invoke the Double Jeopardy rule. The TOs will not be responsible for remembering every double jeopardy instance, it’s up to you to call it out to us. This rule gives a clear (and rightful) advantage to the winner of the first set, and so it’s very important that we all try to enforce it.

Grand Finals is exempt from this rule.

1st place - 60% of season pot
2nd place - 30% of season pot
3rd place - 10% of season pot

Prizes and awards will also be given out at the end of the season! These prizes may vary (trophies, t-shirts, swag).

1st place - 7 points
2nd place - 5 points
3rd place - 4 points
4th place - 3 points
5th place - 2 points
7th place - 1 points

1st place - 70% of tournament pot
2nd place - 20% of tournament pot
3rd place - 10% of tournament pot

** Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 **
Double Elimination Tournaments
2/3, loser can change team
Gems Allowed (Default presets only)
Grand Finals 3/5 Winners Finals and Losers Finals 2/3
Will be played on Xbox 360

Killer Instinct
Double Elimination Tournament
2/3, loser can change character
Grand Finals 3/5, Winners Finals and Losers Finals 2/3
Will be played on Xbox One

**Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012 **
Double Elimination Tournament
2/3, loser can change character and winner can change Ultra
Grand Finals 3/5, Winners Finals and Losers Finals 2/3
Will be played on Xbox 360

** Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 **
Double Elimination Tournament
3/5, loser can change team and winner can change assists and order
Grand Finals 3/5 Winners Finals and Losers Finals 3/5
Will be played on Xbox 360

All brackets can be found at: http://spiralseries.challonge.com/

** All matches are archived on the stream at:** http://twitch.tv/spiralseries

** All streamed tournament matches will be uploaded on Youtube:** http://www.youtube.com/user/spiralseries

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