02.11.06 & 02.12.06 WPB, FL Tournaments!

LOCATION (Both tournaments are located at The Vortex. Please note the different dates)
Vortex CyberCafe
3076 Jog Road
Greenacres, FL 33467
(561) 641-8051

For directions, I recommend going to www.randmcnally.com .
For rules for tournaments, please go to http://www.willvolution.com/index.p...r&Itemid=56 .

Vortex No Jutsu Tournament II
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Entrance Fee-$6.00
Tournament Fee-$5.00 each

Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament 1PM-4PM
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 3 on 3 Tournament 4PM-7PM
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 1 on 1 Tournament 7PM-10PM

Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament IV
Sunday, February 12, 2006

Entrance Fee-$6.00
Tournament Fee-$5.00 each

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2 Version) 1PM-4PM
Street Fighter III Third Strike Tournament (PS2 Version) 4PM-7PM
Soul Calibur III Tournament 7PM-10PM

It’s been a while since I was in the Capcom vs. SNK 2 scene so I need some suggestions with the rules. For the most part it will a Ratio tournament, Double Elimination, Default time, Random Stages, God Rugal and Shin Akuma banned. Anything else?

Who’s going?!

Finally a tourney with some games I actually play

I might be there for CvS2 depending on people who go (miami where ya’ll at?!) gj making it ps2 version. Also ban evil ryu and orochi iori

Me and maybe a few other PSL people, possibly Me and 5 others. Will be there for 3S and CvS2. I know I’m gonna go and atleast 2 others I’ll see about the others. But Miami and O-Town better try and make it.

WiLL I’d say put SC3 on the same day as Naruto and the other Shitty games and on the 3S and CvS2 day add MvC2.

yo WILL think you can squeeze T5 back in there. i could help you run that. i could even bring an extra TV if needed. i know i can get ALOT of people to show up if you can put it in.

I’ll try and make it to this thing. :tup:

I’d go for 3rd Strike, but PS2 Version!? I play 3s on an Xbox S-Controller and I don’t know of any Xbox to PS2 Converters so what would I play with? Why don’t you guys play it on Xbox where there are alot more controller options?:looney:

If I show up then you shouldn’t even bother comeing :tup:

I mean you play on Xbox with an S-Type and use Akuma you stand no chance!

What are you talking shit for? Do you have Live, and no I’m not a Live scrub, but if you do I’ll take you on. Yah, I play on an S-type why does it matter? I’ve played on that for about 3 years and I’ve played SF for about 7. Shut your mouth.

How can you play Capcom Vs. Snk 2 and 3rd Strike? The systems are completely different and I bet you get jujus like no tommorow.

Your ass shouldn’t bother coming.

I agree that it would be better to play on Xbox. I play the game originally on dreamcast, and on Xbox they have the magic box which I own. Xbox has virtually the most controller freedom out there now. You could use ps2 pads + sticks. xbox pads + sticks, dreamcast pads + sticks, even saturn pads + sticks. Alot more players would most likely attend the tournament if it was played on Xbox.

Yeah I’ll have to agree with troy, just don’t either bother coming because no one plays the Xbox version in tourney play

BTW if u want I’ll do a $50 money match against you on Xbox if you play that much better (I can use my stick on Xbox)

well there are converters, but it amazes me that some actually prefer to play on the piece of shit xbox controller. the S in S-type should stand for shit-type.

Xbox scrubs for food?

…I might wanna goto this. BTW sorry for not coming Saturday, I went to PSL for some wack ass party. :bluu:

Jeff - Waddup!? I saw the results… Nice job man. But how did you lose? Man Im dissapointed. I better see videos of this guy (Ceo of Darkness) and you. Might help me drive up there for the next one…

Need to practice for FR9.

Carlos - You going?

Ok well Money match then? I’ll use my boy Carloses Xbox Stick and you can use your S-Type…$25 or more 3S and/or CvS2.

Dwayne and Carlos you guys better come.

Yea xbox is shit for 3S, keep it on the ps2

no mvc2 then???

Ic3 - yea I might go to FR9 this year, Anthony wants to go and I might ride with him. If he doesn’t go though, I might make the drive myself (7+ hours ouuuuch…)

is anyone gonna be there on saturday to get some games in because i don’t wanna make the actual drive on sunday just for cvs2

Haha. Its funny you said, I was talking to my friend and said the same exact thing about the s-type controller. Your allowed to use the ps2 version of the saturn pad at tournaments right? Thats what I mainly play on now.

Some people weren’t pleased with The WiLL’s decision on taking Tekken 5 out the WiLLvolution system but there were actually more Tekken 5 FL players than 7 people. People from Orlando to Miami called, IMed, emailed The WiLL to please change his decision to host a Tekken 5 tournament on the best tournament in Florida, Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament IV at the best place in Florida, Vortex Cybercafe and they will get it! That’s right! There will be a Tekken 5 tournament at the Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament IV!

The timeframe for the Tekken 5 tournament will be
7:00PM to 10:00PM…the same timeframe as the Soul Calibur III tournament. ssj2jeff will bring some TVs and PS2s to help out with the Tekken 5 tournament. But what an event this is.

-More reason for Orlando and Miami to come to this phenomal event.
-We can get to see WayGamble and OniStompa in action!
-The return of the first place winner from the VBTS3 tournament, XomhollamoX.
-Unfinished grudge matches such as Shane vs. The WiLL
-The King of King, AlottaBeast will show up!

List so far of who’s coming to one or both of the events…
The WiLL
CEO of Darkness
SS4 Fat Buu
Mad Fnorder
Troyboy’s Back
The Muffin Man
Hell Murder
Young Ic3
Big Drew
Deckard Cheese

POST HERE (Even though you’re a regular to my tournaments.) IF YOU’RE COMING TO ONE OR BOTH OF THE EVENTS!!!1!

The S in S-Controller does stand for shit, but oh well I got use to it and I don’t have a stick or another option right now. I haven’t played stick since Street Fighter Alpha 2 on Super Nintendo. Im not going to this tourney because its during the week but when I can I’ll let you know so we can have those money matches. Don’t cry to me when you lose your money to an “Xbox Scrub”. :rolleyes:

2/12/06 is a sunday