02.11.06 & 02.12.06 WPB, FL Tournaments!

:wonder: :rofl: :lol:


Yeah air fireballs has an advantage…:rofl:

Troy remember the hurricane kick spam?!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Id like to see this money match. I would like to see someone get put in there place.

hmm wait a minute, I take that back from what I said before because I had no idea that your live tag was Astennu. You’re pretty good guy, to be able to use the s-pad like that. I’m Conflicts on Xlive if you remember

Anyway I’ll still play you for money if ur down for it.


YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA! Holy shit we have to get some offline games in sometime. Damn your a beast at 3s. I think the last time we played the matches were almost even with you about 25% better. First time I played you though, I got my shit handed to me. STOP PLAYING CVS 2 ONLINE. I’m so sick of fighting scrubs on Live, no good players are ever on. Next time your on I’m inviting the shit out of you.

P.S. You’d win that money match, I know that for sure. :sweat:

Troyboy and Ice- It shows how immature you guys are just by judging me before you even fight me. It shows how immature your game is too. Why would I want to fight you guys anyways? If I fought you guys it would be like fighting some scrub on live who gets a cheese win, taunts, and rubs it in my face. I’d play you guys to get better, not to see someone lose and rub it in there face. I believe you get better with a lose then you do with a win…Oh and I’m also good with Urien, Hugo, and Yun and I believe you can’t really spam Hurricane Kicks with them, right? :rolleyes:…Or air fireballs.

SS2 Jeff- Haha, it is on a Sunday! I accidently looked at January.:sweat: Ok I’ll try to get to this one but how can I use my s-controller? Or can I?

Ok well just to let you know I’m an Ass online to everyone because it’s funny to see them Bitch back. But in Person I’m cool. I just like playing money matches. If you just wanna play casual that fine by me I’m sure if you make it to the finals I’ll be there with ya, lol!

PS: Just to let you know if you think Conflicts/Carlos/Doujinshi 2001 is good at 3S you don’t stand a chance against me :tup: No offense to you Carlos you know your my dawg :wink:

It’s all good man I like the competition. I’ll be practicing! I’ll try to get to this tourney too if I can use the shit-controller. Yah, Conflicts is good but you say your that much better huh? Well I’ve only played him online before and I’m a much better player offline with red parries like crazy. :tup:

Man Troy I can beat you in 3s too possibly

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, money match? I rarely play 3s anymore but what the hell why not

Sounds good to me. You still useing only Chun? Who should I use? I’ll let you Pick :wink:

pick anyone u want I have hella money son

getting $14.10 /hr is too good at the moment which is gonna help me buy Richel’s cabinet

btw when are you guys coming back to psl to have another bojah? me, anthony and david were considering taking a road trip whenever you guys return.

See well at the moment I’m Jobless but gonna be starting a Job in a few weeks and makeing something between 9 and 11 dollars an hour and I’m buying a bike ( Yamaha R6 ) which is gonna set me back even more so I’m thinking 2/3 $10, and I also haven’t played much 3S since I’ve been in Bum Fuck Egypt Virginia for about 6 months with no comp. So I’m prob gonna use like Yang, Oro, and SAII Yun at this Tourney…:rofl:

I’ma broke Nigga!!!


Go buy a stick, guy.

if your used to the S pad it probably won’t be too hard to learn the ps2 pad. seein as it’s better imo

Ninja please.

$12.40/Hr + Bonus Nicca!



Ima try my best to make it on the 12th.

How did you move back to PSL??

We will be back either the 31st or the 1st, 4 or so days :tup:

This is gonna be fantabulous, Win Or Lose ( Most likely Win :tup: ). First Tourney in Months ( Probably close to a Year ). Yang and Chun are gonna clean house…I hope :sweat:

I’m just gonna get a stick soon. I’m sick of learning controllers. I’ve always been good with a stick I just need to get one.

PS2 and S-Controll both suck ass.

Do that, Sticks Rape Pads.

What are some of the sticks you guys have? I was thinking of getting a Hori Stick 2 for ps2. But id like to get some opinions from you all. I hear from everyone the real arcade pro is godlike for third strike.