02/12-02/14 [RadCon x GameCrazy Presents] February's Finest in Tri-Cities, WA

Eastern Washington’s
RadCon x GameCrazy
February’s Finest!**

Games**: Street Fighter 4, Halo 3
When: 02/12-02/14 (Friday - Casuals | Saturday - SF4 Tournament | Sunday - Halo 3 Tournament)
Where: Red Lion Inn (2525 North 20th Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301) in the Forest Room (room is right by main entrance)
Start Time: 3 PM
Registration for RadCon is $35. Pre-registration form will be available until February 2nd, 2010.
Doors open on Friday at 12 PM but we will be set-up after 2 PM/around 3 PM. We’ll be doing sign-ups on site that day and Saturday until an hour before the tournament starts.
There will most likely be a BYOC area too!


Street Fighter 4 (20 people turnout)

1st - Brandon (Rufus, Akuma, Boxer) [PS3 TE stick]
2nd - Brett (Viper, Ken) [$20]
3rd - David/donthatetheplayerhatethegame (Sagat) [SF4 poster, SF4 collectible coin]
4th - Aroun/myleftshoe (Rufus, Blanka)
5th - Derek (Viper)
5th - Steve (Cammy)
7th - Adam/altericee (Ryu)
7th - ???

Street Fighter 4
Double Elimination, 2 out of 3.
Start Time: Saturday @ 3 PM
Consoles: PS3 (I’m bringing my 2 sticks (Seimitsu sticks/Sanwa buttons) and a PS3->PS2 converter for those who need to use), XBOX360 (I will bring my SE stick (Seimitsu stick/Sanwa buttons) for this)
Rules: Standard EVO rules
1st: MadCatz SF4 Tournament Edition Stick (PS3)
2nd: $20 gift card
3rd: Posters and goodies

Halo 3
Single Elimination, 2v2, MLG TEAM SLAYER
Start Time: Sunday @ 12 PM
Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Vehicle Set: No Vehicles

Primary Weapon = Battle Rifle
Custom Powerup Traits, Duration = 3 Seconds
Custom Powerup Traits, Damage Resistance = Invulnerable
Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Multiplier = 3X Overshields
Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Recharge Rate = 200%
Custom Powerup Traits, Player Speed = Unchanged
Shield Recharge Rate = 90%
Damage Modifier = 110%
Player Speed = 110%
Motion Tracker Mode = Off
Suicide Penalty = None
Betrayal Penalty = None
Team Changing = Not Allowed

The Pit

1st: Halo 3 Legendary Edition
2nd: $20 gift card
3rd: Posters and goodies

Hotel Information and Rates** @ http://www.radcon.org/hotel

Venue: http://redlion.rdln.com/HotelLocator/HotelOverview.aspx?metaID=34

There may also be a unofficial Tekken 6 tournament. Depends on the turnout. Entry fee will be $3 with prizes going as 70/20/10.

About RadCon: Radcon is a fan run Science-Fiction / Fantasy convention held annually in the Tri-Cities, Washington.

I don’t know what kind of turnout you’re gonna get but for sf4 1 day should suffice…I may come down…3 and a half hours isn’t to far for a fun convention/tourney but $35 that covers the entry fee to the tourney as well correct?

Seriously if you could combine sf4 to be a one day deal it might bring others down + I need a PS3 te but don’t think I’d stay for 2 days for a minor tourney.

Oh so very tempted to come down from Pullman. Just depends on how much homework I get assigned. Only problem is that I don’t have a PS3 stick.

Yeah sounds fun BUT 2 days is a bit much. I’m sure it can be finished in a day if you got people to bring set ups "both PS3 and 360.

Just updated the first post with changes to SF4 being on Saturday and Halo 3 being on Sunday.

Yup. $35 covers both. It’d be ridiculous if we charged for the tourney after the convention fee.

I’ll be bringing my sticks along for people who need to use one. I’ve got an SE stick and a HRAP1 (both with Seimitsu sticks, Sanwa buttons aka Gamer’s Vision-style). And I’ve got a meeting for the event on Thursday so I’ll get all the fine details out after then.

Count me in… Central Washington is my home turf, heh.


Still waiting on the ok for 2nd and 3rd prize on SF4. If it’s some Game Crazy gift card, I’m gonna do my best to personally switch that into one of those Pre-Paid Visa cards from our mall.

Rad Con-wise, the venue is nice. Forest Room is about 30 ft x 32 ft so it’s an ok size. No pics of the room but it reminds me of a classroom with carpet floor. Also there’s some cool things to do at the event. Anime, LAN, and card games if anyone’s into those stuff.

Venue: http://redlion.rdln.com/HotelLocator/HotelOverview.aspx?metaID=34

Im in for sure

Cesar (KYO84) and me will be setting up tomorrow/today once the room gets vacant (they’ve told us around 2 PM). Anyone who’s still interested is welcome to show up. Lots of fun con stuff to do and I heard about a booth selling bulletproof zombie hunter vests. Haha. But Friday’s the first day and we’ll be doing casuals.

That tourny was sweet who else was there get my your user name for xbox or ps3 and we will play had a blast

I left the brackets in the room (I’ll get it tomorrow) but here’s the results for SF4 off the top of my head. Good stuff to the Walla Walla guys for showing up and taking it. David (Sagat player) wanted me to tell you guys good games. He had to drop someone off and he wanted to tell you guys later before you left but it was too late.

SF4 (20 people turnout)

1st - Brandon (Rufus, Akuma, Boxer) [PS3 TE stick]
2nd - Brett (Viper, Ken) [$20]
3rd - David/donthatetheplayerhatethegame (Sagat) [SF4 poster, SF4 collectible coin]
4th - Aroun/myleftshoe (Rufus, Blanka)
5th - Derek (Viper)
5th - Steve (Cammy)
7th - Adam/altericee (Ryu)
7th - ???

Some clutch semi-final matches going on. Got everything up to Grand Finals recorded (stupid battery died in the 3rd game). Grand Finals was 4-1 Brandon though (I think). Hope to run another tourney soon. This time with some of the other good local players that missed out (Hector (Ryu), TJ (Gouken)).

^I really was thinking about going to this but I saw it was a 3:40 drive and decided that 7 and a half hours isn’t worth a TE hahahaha…

Whoever is taking this game seriously you guys should head to NW majors there was 100+ heads for sf4 last year…

I’d like to play some people from Middle WA… GT is b0kkin (zero not o)

Ill hit you up on xbox once mine is done getting repaired I hate pS3 online so laggy

I need to give a shout out to Bret “Crazy Clutch” Henderson from coming back from 3 loser out games in a row to make the championship shit was rediculous. Then to pull out Ken against sagat after his two mains got shut down was nutz that was intense best match ive ever seen. coming back down 2 games to nil then go 3 in row with ken blew my mind that boy is clutch as it gets.

These are all the vids I was able to capture. REALLY sorry that I couldn’t get all of Grand Finals. My battery ended up dieing in game 2.

Note: Other than Finals and a few others off the top of my head, they’re unlabeled right now so… I’ll fix that later tonight. 1369 = Grand Finals. 1368 = Loser’s Finals. 1367 = Winner’s Finals. Loser’s Finals has this random kid screaming. Prepare for that.

Brandon and Bret: Thanks for coming out from Walla Walla. Its always great to have some new people to play. GS for taking the top 2 spots.
David/donthatetheplayerhatethegame: You need to stop choking. Congrats on 3rd but take 1st next time. Last night’s 5-6 hr Rufus/Ken/Boxer session should help you on that.
Adam/altericee: GS on playing SF4 even though you don’t really play SF4 haha. We got to play some casual MAHVEL crack at least.
Cesar/KYO84: Thanks for helping me run this shit. And GS on watchin that kid. Crazy ass kid.
Derek: Always good to see you and play your Viper. Keep playin and improving.
Aroun/myleftshoe: Good shit man. I saw that you started remembering your Rufus shit towards the end. We’ll play more man.
Steve: You don’t like SF4 but still entered. GS man. We’ll do some Tekken sometime.
Hector: You should have entered. See all that training put into work.

Great fun make sure you let me and bret know when you guys do casuals we have no one else to play with in Walla and would love to drive out there to play some good competition

yea it was alot of fun and ur missing the 45 at the end of my name

Aw man that was a lot of fun! Being in a tournament really brings out a different part of ya. Props to walla walla players holdin it down

need to get some good tri city casuals going