02/16/08 Chinatown Marvel Results

Hosted by Liston

1st Erik Arroyo (Smoothviper MSS/Santhrax)
2nd George (Mag/IM/Psy)
3rd Arthur (Chaosnightwolf Santhrax)
4th Amir (Snakeshotpeople Scrub/SSD)

I don’t know who got 4th.

Highlights include me getting owned by a counter grab for the win by george. Erik performing magic tricks in our matches and some other random shit lol.

See you at the next one, please post it right next time liston.

lol liston also perfected me smh… lol watchin justin runnin people off the stick was pretty fun to watch too

I got 4th


don’t forget me and osc got 5th, lol. Oscmighty!!!