Event has been canceled until further notice


Who are you?

I know this is not a PAS event so this is a PAGE event, but a PAGE event without Brawl is difficult to believe. The space is already reserved (attained confirmation, not just sending request) and equipment I assume?

I also heard that this is going to be a “web2zone” tournament run with Alex in poly, any details?

Well this is the start and I am hoping people come and support…from here we will go…btw who are u elder god?

AFAIK, these are the only tournament Alex told me about, and since I’m running GG and possibly the other two. Still working out some details when I’m not on zero sleep, so I’m afraid the info I’ve got is slim for now.

I wanna do more but this for now seems ok and its a great start

***i will be their for sf4 count me in ***

I might show up for SF4.

sign me up for sf4. I am guessing its on ps3?

whatever happened to cvs2 tourney? we have 10 hours…might as well add some more games.

damnalex been a long time. dont worry guys hes lagit. he used to host tournys for web2zone. count me in for sf4

I wanna host ST hd but we need 360/ps3s

They’ll be on 360s because it’s the most common. Unless I manage to get a PS3.

I don’t plan on running 3 simultaneous tournaments, and I only have ONE console for SF4. If you got a tv and a console of your own, tho, you can definitely run CVS2 yourself.

I’ll come for SFIV

I don’t have a stick for a 360 because I don’t own one. I guess I’ll have to mooch off someone?

I’ll let you use mine lover :lovin:

Alex as in Alex Strife?

Aye querido!

And yes, that Alex.

Just a bit of info:

If brackets will be run via a computer, a printer WILL be onsite, and working. That much I will guarantee now.

^ dont bother. USE A DAMN PEN because last time at polytech…bracket on computer was a disaster and pretty much a waste of time. also there was like 5-6 tvs there…can we just have one for cvs2?? I can bring a ps2+game.

dont really care about sf4…either system is fine.

Im assuming SF4 is bring your own stick ? Either way im in there.
Also no TvC ?

Hence the big “If”.

As for sticks, people should be ready to bring your own, but it’s possible that we might be able to bring some. Just don’t expect the new Mad Catz sticks and we’ll be fine.


We’re keeping it simple. Since I’ve never run anything Wii related before, it’s not on the list. You’re welcome to bring it, though.

Keep in mind, though, it’s 3 months away, so we may yet add more games should we get more TVs.

thats right we have 6 tvs so if people are willing to bring more I would be happy to run with…so far me and sean are running it and if Kyle wants to help thats kewl too.