02.21.09 - Davie, FL - Florida Breakdown Tournament VII Results!

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Results
Cancelled due to lack of participants.

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (8 Participants)
1st - Alex G. (Dizzy, Eddie)
2nd - FlashMetroid (Jam, Eddie, Slayer, Bridget)
3rd - Andrew (Ky)
4th - Icekid (Potemkin)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (11 Participants)
1st - Nelson (Ryu, Chun Li)
2nd - Mavrick (Bison, Chun Li)
3rd - MiamiX - Alex (Vega, Blanka)
4th - ARMX (???)

Street Fighter IV Results (17 Participants)
1st - MiamiX - Alex (Bison, Blanka)
2nd - FlashMetroid (Zangief, Blanka, Sagat, Ryu)
3rd - Big5 (Ryu)
4th - G1itch (Blanka)

I appreciate everybody for coming to this event. A bunch of old school players came out and represent! Thanks to AnGrYM4N for the consoles. Next Florida Breakdown event will be on April. I might bring back MvC2 and/or CvS2 for the lineup and drop TvC.

Yes, bring back marvel, could easily bring plenty of people to that

Can someone Put me in contact with ALEX please


What do you need hyperblast? Do I know you?


ALEX NAVARRO!!1 Best A-Rolento in the world behind me :smiley:

lol. whats up marn? how u been? hows your brother?

Alex Its me Manny I went with you to New Jersey for ECC a few years go with Nelson Remember? I play with Arturo and arsenio,

send me a PM with your phone number… I wanna get into this SF scene again

Hey manny whats up man? how have you guys been? Well I really dont play much anymore and my wife is due to be induced into labor on wednesday so i’m going to have even less time. You can catch me on xbox live though if you guys want to play some matches. my name is MiamiX Alex2. Take care,

we been alright… playing SF on and off, ill add you to Friends on XBL, glad to see you won saturdays tourny with Cheap ass Bison :lame: but that is because I wasnt there, and congratulations on the Baby, whats up with NElson? still plays?

Thanks. Nelson’s good he still plays a little. His live name is E5150 I think.

Alex that wasnt nelsons Gametag

got a msg saying " Sorry dude ive never been to Jersey , you got the wrong guy "

ok i’ll find out and get back to you.


awesome to see som florida peeps on here

is it cool if i add you guys to xbox live. my gamertag is baby yung feel free to add me.