02.21.09 Vayseth's All-Wii-Fighter Tournament! Ann Arbor, MI (TvC, Brawl, Naruto EX3)


First tournament at Get Your Game On of the new year! We’ve got some changes! We’ve added Tatsunoko vs Capcom! Soul Calibur fans might be disappointed but TL_Crow is holding biweeklies again meaning you should head over to his tournaments! Check 8-Way-Run or Caluibur Forums for details!


The next tournament will be taking place on Saturday, February 21st! I know there’s not going to be one in January but something came up at the store and we can’t do much about it =( Come back because we are finally once again an all Wii fighting game tournament!!

Registration @ 12 pm. If you are bringing a set up I would like you to be here sometime around 12 noon. I will register people in two waves. First @ 12 pm (and before each tournament) and again @ 4 pm for the later tournaments. Thanks!

**Super Smash Brothers Brawl Doubles: 1 pm!

Naruto EX3: 3 pm!

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Singles: 5 pm!

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: 6 pm!**

These are approximate times.


Get Your Game On
709 Packard Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Homepage here
Map here
The map included above shows where to find free parking as well as food places directly surrounding Get Your Game On. If you cannot find free parking, there are meters outside the store which are $0.50 an hour for 10 total hours. However, after 6 pm it is free so you can just load the meter until 6 pm.


*Venue fee: $5
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Doubles: $20 per team
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Singles: $10 per person
Naruto EX3: $2 per person
Tatsunoko vs Capcom: $5 per person

Payout is standard 60%/30%/10% for all events. Percentages may change based on turnout.

*venue fee will be waived when you bring a WHOLE set up (wii w/ game + a TV). Venue fee may also include some food and drinks. Details TBA. Only a limited number of set ups will be allowed. Please let me know if you are bringing one.

The $5 venue fee can be paid via trade ins. Aka, old games/systems/whatever, can be traded in to the store as opposed to paying a venue fee. I would call the store first to see if they have too many of something (and therefore wouldn’t take it in) and their number is available on their website (above). So, take advantage of this offer!

Venue Rules:

  1. Respect the Venue- Please pick up your trash and try not to throw controllers, kick chairs, or anything that may do damage to the venue. Anything that is broken or any trash that is left is then my responsibility and I will glare at you for a long time glare. Aka, I’ll take money out of the pot to fix it and EVERYONE will kill you.
  2. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED INSIDE OR ON THE PREMISES. IF IT IS FOUND YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a game store which caters to all ages, be respectful and do not make a fool out of yourself.
  3. Smoking cigarettes is allowed right outside the building. Just try not to crowd the door so customers can get inside.
  4. The tournament will be held in the basement (2 rooms!) which will be our space. The upstairs is a game store so please go up stairs to pick up any new games or drinks/snacks if you wish. In general though, be respectful of the other customers.
  5. HAVE FUN! This is something really cool for Ann Arbor and for fans of these games all over. Let’s keep it up so we can keep running them every month!
  6. I will NOT TOLERATE unsportsmanlike conduct. There will be no insulting, coaching, or verbal abuse of any kind during tournament matches. Coaching is allowed between matches only. If I catch you doing any of the above, you will get a warning. Doing it again will result in you being kicked out.
  7. There are no refunds on the venue fee. If you have to leave early and cannot enter a tournament that you paid for, I can give you a refund ONLY if you have not played a single match in the tournament. If you have played at all, I will not give you a refund.
  8. If I am busy (ESPECIALLY if I am in a match) wait until I am done to talk to me.
  9. Anything you bring is YOUR responsibility. If anything is lost or broken myself, nor the venue take any responsibility for it. Keep an eye on your stuff and make sure you take care of other people’s TVs, systems, etc.

Therefore, this list basically says: Be respectful to those around you and have fun…

…or I’ll KILL YOU (jks =P).

Out of State Housing:

If you would like to come to this from out of state, there may be a place for you to stay in the Ann Arbor area. Post in the thread and someone might be able to help you!

Game Rules:

ALL EVENTS ARE DOUBLE ELIMINATION. Nearly everything else is different.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl:

This tournament follows the basic outline of the rules set by the SBR. Details of the rules can be found here.

However, the stage list will be rather different. Here is the stage list for this tournament:

Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island
Poke’mon Stadium 1

They will be picked 1 - 2 - 1 and who chooses first will be decided by RPS.

Counter Picks:
Castle Siege
Lylat Cruise
Frigate Orpheon
Rainbow Cruise

You may ban one stage from either list after the striking process is over.

Each station will have a list of stages that you may select to avoid confusion. Also, if you and your opponent(s) agree, you may play any stage you want, banned or not. If you have any questions, please let me know before the tournament or before your match. If the match is already in progress you are stuck.

If you use any controller styles that use the wiimote you will be responsible for removing the batteries inbetween your matches. Failure to do so can result in a DQ.

Naruto EX3:

2/3 Rounds
2/3 Matches
All Finals 3/5 Matches
99 second time
Random Stages
Winner keeps character.
Loser chooses another character (If they want)
Damage Setting - 3
Crisis Mode - On
Hand Seals - Off
Stage Transition - Off
Obstacles - Off
If using Wiimote make sure to remove your batteries from Controller or you will be DQ if it interferes with another Tournament Match!
Gaara’s BT Up+A on wakeup is banned from tournament play

Tatsunoko vs Capcom:

  1. All characters are allowed, all options on default.
  2. Handicap set to 3 stars.
  3. Purposely doing any glitch that stops the game from being played are banned.
  4. 2 out of 3 games, winner keeps team, loser may change.
  5. If the Firey Ruins stage is selected randomly, either player may opt to rerun the random stage select to get a different one. This is a courtesy to colorblind people playing on possibly poor TVs.

Other Forum Pages:

Willvolution: http://www.willvolution.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7596
All is Brawl: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=4221
SRK: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=171462
SmashWordForums: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=213466

Alright guys, that seems to be it! Let me know if I forgot anything and I will update it accordingly! See you all there!!


Because I only have a limited number of space for set ups, systems to get rid of the venue fee are going to have to be preregistered. I would appreciate it if those who bring a set up can try to bring a power strip too, since the plug situation will be easier to manage this way.


BRAWL Set Ups:

  1. Toph
  2. What’s the Point
  3. ORI_BRO
  4. Juggleguy

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Set Ups:

  1. SamuraiPanda

Naruto Shippuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX3 Set Ups:

  1. Vayseth
  2. a guy i kno

Bumping, since people got my last tournament thread late. Check it out!

Hey guys, bumping again due to date change.

I would totally be there if I didn’t have a no Ann Arbor rule…

Doesn’t seem like there will be a lot of attendees… hmm strange.

I get around 60 per tournament. Over half enters brawl, but I got 16-20 for Naruto and SC4 last month. I’m hoping for big numbers for TvC but we’ll see. Brawl is definitely the biggest though.

Feels like the Naruto tourneys are just there for the hell of it since they’re free. Why is that? Do you even win a prize for first place?

Anyway…I won’t be going to this, I have no way of getting to Michigan from New York via public transportation…sorry. Crappy state to host a tournament in I guess…

may see what’s up with that TvC tourney. No 3s players?

There are 3S players around, but that’s not what my tournaments are about. I’m running TvC because it is on the wii. I have very little reason to do it otherwise. For some reason, Ann Arbor seems to be relatively hype about it, so I’m going to give in.

Naruto tournaments are free to build the community up. Everyone has a good time and people travel for it, so I’m going to say that money is not always needed to run tournaments. And MI is a great place to run tournaments; you don’t know what you’re missing!

Well for me it’s just number of heads that will show. I like to go to tourneys that have big crowdes (spelling). It just makes the comp more fierce. Not saying I won’t show but at this time I’m undecided.

If you’re talking total number of people, it’s going to be over 40. For TvC I estimate 10-20.


Sign me up for a TvC setup, and we should play some games sometime.

You can fight my (Karas/Ippatsuman/Casshern)/Ryu team >.<

What I meant was…if you’re not already in MI then it’s a terrible place. It’s highly inaccessible. If it was one of the states where the Chinatown buses rolled it would automatically be better, but unfortunately there’s no cheap way to get there…unless someone knows otherwise.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t meant to be a national tourney, haha.

Nobody from New York is gonna come.

Why short change tvc? That should be 10 to enter as well… >_<

Mainly because it’s a local trying to get people to try a new game. Only pros will throw down 10 and there are… maybe 4 people tops willing to do that. $5 it stays.

We had 8 at my tournament for 10.

And it snowed super hard that day. There would have been more.

You also had other 2D games. I have… um… smash XD Aaron, did you notice I switched to melee? XD

aww man, I totally be in for Melee, but since it’s Valentines day I’ve got other stuff to do, so I’m probably only gonna make it for TvC.

Date changed to the 21st. Melee removed.