02/22/ Seattle MvC2, ST, VF5 results

MvC2, 18 people

1-Jason Mar “JMar”-Sentinel/Storm/Commando, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +10
2-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Storm/Sentinel/Cable, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +7
3-Danny Hwang “dann”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +5
4-Lawrence Nath “Lawrencium”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +3
5-Zach Robinson “Preppy”-Mega Man/Cable/Tron +1
5-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke +1
7-Jetay Barber “raishinken”-Cable/Sentinel/Commando
7-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Magneto/Sentinel/Tron

ST, 16 people

1-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li +10
2-Alex Kelly “Axel Kelly”-Guile +7
3-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER +5
4-Ondrej Lang “Shin Sheng Long”-Blanka +3
5-Vetaire Graham “Veteru”-Ken, Ryu +1
5-Nate Montes “XTG”-Zangief +1
7-Paul Lee “Mynameispaullee”-Bison/Dictator
7-Jetay Barber “raishinken”-Dee Jay

VF5, 13 people

1-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Eileen +10
2-Rob Dunno his last name-Lei Fei +7
3-Clayton “sorias”-Aoi +5
4-Sean-Dunno who he played +3
5-Jetay Barber “raishinken”-Pai +1
5-Mike B-Dunno who he played +1
7-Zach Robinson “Preppy”-Lion
7-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-El Blaze I assume

Point totals thus far:

Jason Mar-20 pts
Mandel Scott-12 pts
Danny Hwang-12 pts
Rodolfo Castro-10 pts
Zach Robinson-9 pts
Nolan Deits-8 pts
Lawrence Nath-3 pts
Evan Wenzel-3 pts
Kyle Chow-2 pts
Brian Ma-1 pt
Steven La-1 pt

Mandel Scott-31 pts
Alex Kelly-24 pts
Julien Beasley-17 pts
Julian Blake-12 pts
Keith Huang-7 pts
Iizuka Yosuke-7 pts
Ondrej Lang-3 pts
Josh Rey-3 pts
XTG-2 pts
Eddie Ignacio-1 pt
Dan Hwang-1 pt
Pablo Basilio-1 pt
Vetaire Graham-1 pt

Frank Caraan-10 pts
Robert Plummer-10 pts
Clayton-10 pts
Rob-7 pts
Ed-7 pts
Sean-3 pts
Mike-3 pts
Jetay Barber-1 pt
Mike B-1 pt
Zach Robinson-1 pt
Ryan Loop-1 pt

-Thanks a lot to Zach as always for allowing these to take place. Thanks to Jetay and Lawrence for coming up from PDX. Much love as always.

-Marvel actually had the most entrants out of all the games last night. Lowering the entry fee wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

-JMar wins the finals 4-0, 4-1 over me. I got creased.

-Jetay pulled off the upset of the night by beating Nolan in Marvel. Good shit my dude.

-Good shit to Danny as well. Top three in Seattle Marvel for the second week in a row. That’s what’s up!

-There were a couple haters in the house last night, but I won’t name no names.

-A couple of standout quotes from last night…

“White people are the future because Black people are history.”-Zach

“Crack! It’s what niggas do!”-Jetay after upsetting Nolan in Marvel.

-Some videos were recorded but I doubt the finals were recorded. If they weren’t hey, that’s cool with me, hahahah.

-I will update this thread with the updated point rankings in a little while.

Thanks to Zach, as always, for holding such a great event.

Good games to everybody I played. I hope not all the videos go up, because people might see footage of 9 AM Marvel after staying up the entire night while hungover and think, “that scrub got 3rd?”

Portland guys should definitely come up more often; it was good to see them (2) again. Top 8 in Marvel – that’s really good. Lawrence’s same side Magneto cross-up is too good.

I am really glad Marvel has grown as a result of lowering the entry fee. These new challengers are actually pretty good.

No VF5 vids that I’m aware of. They’re probably in the “last games” section on my 360, I gues, but it hasn’t seemed like people have cared too much about VF5 publicly – that’s just probably just my feeble ignorance, though, I just haven’t heard much about the VF5 vids I put up in the past, so – haven’t bothered. I think somebody was using my tripod down in the media room (where VF5 is), though, so maybe somebody does have videos.

Good games to everyone. Special shout-out to Mandel for making me believe early. Extra special shout-out to Jetay WHAT THE FUCK SIR. Nice work. :tup:

Good work to Dann. I kinda groaned when you picked that team… I definitely don’t play seriously enough to do much against that anti-Tron goodness. :tup: I might actually have to practice with a serious team now. Tron’s still too hilarious for me not to want to play her though. :smile:

JMar, our match was nasty as hell. I’d love to understand what you were thinking. After seeing you play for four(?) years now, I’m still stunned as to where that came from. :lol: I love that Storm can get away with mashing lightning attack like that, and wish that other characters weren’t so incredibly limited comparatively. It’s pigheaded abuse like that makes attempting to have fun playing Marvel a fun challenge. :lol: It was certainly an interesting tactic, though. :tup:

Dan is here to stay, and he is the future of Marvel.

No VF5 vids this time. Basically what Preppy was saying, not a huge amount of interest so we stopped recording the matches since Yosuke left, as far as I know.

Btw, “Rob don’t know his last name”, uses the screename “Resok”. Zach was not Preppy, who didn’t sign up this time, it was the other Zach, who uses Pai. Sean and Mike B both played as El Blaze. And finally, Pablo did not play as El Blaze, perhaps suprisingly… I want to say he used Vanessa? It was some girl, is all I remember.

Props to everyone, I had a great time last night! Hopefully I can enter poker again next time.

My personal highlights of the night:

-Being in game 3 of my match in VF5 against Femto before realizing it was a tournament match and not casuals, and everyone laughing at me.

-I punished Brian Ma’s crouching RH with Gief with a reversal super, I didn’t know for sure I could do that, but it worked. Balrog’s super is tooo nasty. :rofl:

-Everyone supporting the Mikado tourney even after it started late, and lots of people even donating. You guys are awesome! :karate:

Sorry about how that VF match turned out, Julian. If you want blame someone, it’s Femto… he was supposed to be bringing you down there for his tourney match against you, not just telling you he wanted to randomly play. At least you can feel good about making it to game 3 thinking you were in a casual, when mike knew it was a tourney.

No, actually I just came into the room, no one went for the stick after Mike was playing someone else, so I thought I was turn-stealing. And then I beat Mike, but he didn’t get up to let the next person play, so I thought he was mad I won and was gonna turn-steal again.

Then he won game two, and when I went to get up he said “Where are you going, that’s game 2!” and I said “wait…this is tournament!!!” and everyone started laughing at me.

good stuff all

AT: I thought you were talking shit since you were kicking my ass.

It sucks that people are/getting good, so now my shittiness is too apparent.

VF vids would be tight to get going…and gatherings before Preppy’s.

:rofl: @ Deezo thinking Pablo used El Blaze.

I miss Keith’s post tournament summaries, they were hilarious, if controversial.