02-26-11 KC SRK Presents "Screenland Showdown" KC's first MVC3 tournaments


Welcome to SEASON 1, Episode 1 of Kansas City’s BRAND NEW, OTHER Monthly Tournament Series!

We are trying something new here in town, and could really use the support to keep this thing going!

Venue:The Screenland Armour Theater
Location: 408 Armour RD. Kansas City, MO 64114
Date: Saturday, February 26th
Start Time: Doors will open for games at 10 AM
Venue Fee: $5.00
Price per game: $10/$5/$1

The Lineup

Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS3) $10
Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) $10
BlazBlue CS (PS3) $5
Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion (PS3) $5
Tatsunoko VS Capcom (Wii) $5

Super Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams (PS3) $5
(If time allows) Marvel VS Capcom 3 3v3 Teams (PS3) $5
?Mystery Game Tournament? $1

***ANY and all side tournaments are welcome; the venue has plenty of room for setups.

Casuals and Registration start at 10 AM. Tournament starts at noon.


All tournaments will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
Tekken 6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination.
If you wish to change controls, do so prior to the match.
Winner keeps same character, loser may select a new on

The venue is a Movie Theater and BAR. We will be serving the regular theater menu ( pizza, mozz sticks, fried green beans, ect…) as well as doing grilled burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. We will be in a large banquet hall, no worries on noise level when it comes to the hype!

We will have a full bar and kitchen open throughout the tournament. There will be a good amount of leather couches for people waiting to play and or just chill out and watch. At the very least we will have 2 projector screens going all day, and these will be used to do finals of every game. (top 4, top 8, grand finals, whatever needs to be on the big screen for the masses)

Please pre-register in this format:
Anthony H - (AntKC) - KC, MO ? SSF4, MVC3, SSF4 teams, MVC3 teams
Name - (Alias) - City, State - Games being played


As sad as I am to admit it, I think the Tekken 6 price of $10 will need to be lowered to $5. In light of MvC3 coming out, I think a lot of people will be entering just SF/Marvel, but may be swayed to try out another game or two if the prices are lower. I’d hate to see a 4 person Tekken bracket, but at 10 you’ll only see hardcores like myself, Prodigy, boxy and Eugene.

Other than that. Looks good.

John B - (AxioM) - Overland Park, KS - SSFIV, Tekken 6, MvC3


Sam W. (CatgirlFanatic) Olathe, KS - SSF4 (Singles and Teams), MvC3 (Singles and teams if time is there)

Why no AH3??? I wanted to play that some more. ;_;


Jonathan Spottswood - JSPOT - KCMO
SSF4 :: MVC3 :: SSF4 Teams :: MVC3 Teams :: Mystery

maybe tvc since im providing the setup. Im also down for AH3 side tourney.


Tekken 6 $5 ***


V.Watkins (Luigi182) -KCMO : MVC3 : TvC : Mystery

I’ll also be bringing a TvC setup.

Anybody want to do a Dr. Mario side tournament?


Battle High: San Bruno side tourney. Get hype!

Or, just ask nicely and I’ll run HDR (classic rules) instead.


Sean G - (BoxBroSG) - Overland Park, KS - SSFIV (Singles & Teams), Tekken 6, MvC3 (Singles & Teams)


dave W - (MrMister) - Leavenworth,KS - MvC3, SSF4, TEKKEN 6


Deron B - (thescrub) - Kansas City,MO - MvC3 (singles & teams), Tekken, blaz, AH3 if theres a side tournament


Drew S- SSF4 (singles and teams), MvC3 (singles and teams), HDR/classic side tourney if enough people show interest, Tekken Tag, and mystery tournament.

I’m not making any promises about my performance, but I will suck it up for the sake of the community. Note to self: at least two of your characters can teleport…


Torrey R - DrunkNinja - Springfield, MO - MvC3, SSF4, Mystery Game

Ahhh yeah, looking forward to this one, especially since I missed AR this weekend…


Erik P. - ioKain - Topeka, Ks - Mvc3


I’m gonna try and make this.


Masaki O. - (Habu) - Springfield, MO - SSFIV, MvC3, Mystery Game


Chris C. (FuLLBLeeD) - Overland Park, KS - SSF4, SSF4 teams (if I can find a teammate), MvC3, mystery game


Derek B. - MGF - Lawrence KS - Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tatsunoko vs Capcom

I will bring a Tatsunoko vs Capcom with Custom music and TV setup with 2 wiimotes, no sticks.


James C. (JAM) Lawrence KS - MVC3

ill bring a TV,ps3,MVC3


how on-time is this tournament going to be? i have to work at 5 or 6, but if you think sf4 will wrap up before then, my friends and i will enter :]


Can’t make it till after 3:00 it turns out… I’ll enter any tournaments that haven’t started by then, or just hang out, drink and eat.