03/07/10 - PowerPlayGaming SFIV Tournament - Denville, NJ - LIVE STREAM


**Power Play Gaming SFIV Tournament **
Hosted by Console Warzone

Console Warzone has a new home! Power Play Gaming located in Denville, NJ is a great LAN center that will satisfy all of your gaming needs! The people are very friendly and it is located in a great part of town with conveniences such as a bank, pizza shop and parking all over.

The tournament and the bracket will be done by the great program named Tonamento

Live stream will be at http://www.justin.tv/consolewarzone

Here is a video I took of the store


Here is a little shot of the town (don’t mind my rambling)



Sunday, March 7th, 2010


Tournament starts at 4:30 PM SHARP

This tournament will start ON TIME with no exceptions. Please make it to the venue on time. As an extra precaution I can no longer take sign ups via phone call. If you are not at the venue, I will not put you on the bracket. Please do not ask me to make exceptions because there will be none and your trip will be for nothing.


Power Play Gaming
23 Diamond Spring Road
Denville, NJ 07834
(973) 627-0927

This location is also available through public transit. Please go to Google Maps to find the best route for you! Everyone needs to come out!


$10 Venue Fee/$10 Tournament Fee



Games to be played on Xbox 360
No characters banned
Winner keeps same character, loser can change
2/3 Rounds
2/3 Games
99 Seconds
Double Elimination
Default Health and Handicap
Double Blind pick will be available if requested
Loser Final, Winner Final and Grand final will be 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
Prize pot 70/20/10


  • This is BYOC (Bring your own controller) or Bring your own stick.
  • All stations will be Xbox 360, it is the players responsibility to bring the appropriate adapters
  • Players may agree on stage select, if not, it goes to random select
  • Any type of threats or violence in the venue will not be tolerated
  • SF4: Game pausing will forfeit you the round and you must let time run out so you don’t accumulate extra meter
  • Hardware macros, turbo, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.
  • I will be supervising the tournaments and running the bracket, but, the winning player should also report to me the outcome of the match
  • You may change button configuration however you like, but, LP,MP,HP & LK,MK,HK will be the only button binding allowed (Not that this should be a problem)
  • Violating any of these rules may result in a DQ depending on the circumstance, please, read the rules so everyone is clear

Sign up by posting here or e-mailing me at ConsoleWarzone@gmail.com


New place looks good, I’ll be there.


this place is awesome! I will be there!


I’ll be there my good sir. That is if I dont go crazy and have a stroke from playing left 4 dead for 10 hours… And I’ll try and rally up anyone else I can find…and pills


STREET FIGHTER 4 ! Sf4!!! street fighter IV!!! SfIV!!!


Sign me up Deluxe, Ill be ready to random select!


will be there for sure this time bro.


Nice! I am trying to work out some side events but this place usually books parties around 6-630 so we will see how we do on time.

That’s why I need to start this on schedule.

I will have an update on this in a few days but you know I love random picks!

2v2 Random Picks? Anyone interested in this?


Looks like fun! I’ll be thererrererreee


ill be there, and I like the random pick tournament, but the 2v2 shouldn’t be random. I take the team tourneys seriously, so i wouldn’t do it if it was random. But a 1v1 random i’d do for lulz


/sigh, another place in north jersey. Wish there were some places around central/southern NJ.


yay random. I hope I get sakura 5 times again… So are you throwing tekken into this mess or what?


Ack, it’s moving further away. :frowning:

Will still make it, though, no doubt.


The games are currently being discussed but the only problem is the place closes at 8 PM and need to be done before that in order to clean up.

I could start doing some fun tournaments at 1 PM but don’t know if this is too early for people.

Tekken will most likely not make the line-up this time around but it will for future events!


This just in…check the update in the thread!

Power Play Gaming has been so gracious to hook us up! All tournament players will be treated to a free soda, bag of chips and a coupon for a 6" sub from Subway which is right across the street.

Spectators will be able to pay a $3 fee in order to get this great deal.

Also, we have worked out a deal to get pizza from across the street if people desire it. Anyone wishing to order a pie please see me at the event to get the discounted price.

This event is going to be fun!


godlike discounts!
gonna have to bring extra blunts for all that food


I’m considering starting another small tournament TBA at 1 PM and the SF4 singles at 2 PM or 3 PM…let me know what you think.


I will update the first post tomorrow with info about side events going on at this tourney…lets go!!


good stuff. Keep doing it at that venue, not a far drive. But this sunday is tough. keep up the nj scene.