03/07 Seattle MvC2, ST, VF5 results

MvC2, 15 people

1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +10
2-Jason Mar-Sentinel/Storm/Commando, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +7
3-Danny Hwang “dann”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +5
4-Zach Robinson “Preppy”-Mega Man/Cable/Tron +3
5-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Sentinel/Storm/Commando, Storm/Sentinel/Cable +1
5-Ian T.-StiltMan based teams, Spiral/Cable/Sentinel lol +1
7-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
7-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke

ST, 12 people

1-Julien Beasley “zass”-Bison/DICTATOR, Balrog/BOXER +10
2-Nate Montes “XTG”-Zangief, T.Hawk (?) +7
3-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER, Ken +5
4-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-Zangief +3
5-Danny Hwang “dann”-Bison/DICTATOR +1
5-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li +1
7-David Alvarez “DAWOLF”-Blanka, Ryu
7-Elias “Mechanica”-Dhalsim, Fei Long

VF5, 8 people

1-Ryan Loop-Jacky, Lau +10
2-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Eileen +7
3-Clayton “Sorias”-Aoi +5
4-Mike Femto “WasFemto”-El Blaze +3
5-Kenny Clark “Tempest253”- “THA NIGGA BRAD!” As he would put it +1
5-I cannot tell whether Julian or Julien placed 5th because on this bracket their names are both spelled Julian, and one of them has Julian B next to it despite the fact that both of their last names start with B. Whoever it is, get a point though. +1

Point totals thus far…

Jason Mar-27 pts
Rodolfo Castro-20 pts
Danny Hwang-17 pts
Mandel Scott-13 pts
Zach Robinson-12 pts
Nolan Deits-8 pts
Lawrence Nath-3 pts
Evan Wenzel-3 pts
Kyle Chow-2 pts
Ian T.-1 pt
Brian Ma-1 pt
Steven La-1 pt

Mandel Scott-32 pts
Julien Beasley-27 pts
Alex Kelly-24 pts
Julian Blake-17 pts
XTG-9 pts
Keith Huang-7 pts
Iizuka Yosuke-7 pts
Pablo Basilio-4 pts
Ondrej Lang-3 pts
Josh Rey-3 pts
Dan Hwang-2 pts
Eddie Ignacio-1 pt
Vetaire Graham-1 pt

Frank Caraan-17 pts
Clayton-15 pts
Ryan Loop-11 pts
Robert Plummer-10 pts
Rob-7 pts
Ed-7 pts
Mike Femto-6 pts
Sean-3 pts
Kenny Clark-1 pt
Jetay Barber-1 pt
Mike B-1 pt
Zach Robinson-1 pt

Random Comments:
-Thanks to Zach as always for allowing these to go down.
-Marvel finals were crazy, Row won 4-3, 4-3 IIRC. The matches were recorded.
-Dan yet again places top three. The third time in a row, he put Row in losers. He also beat me in ST. Savage Garden.
-Nate was able to put Julien Beasley in losers. Good shit on 2nd my dude.
-I promised Ryan Loop I would do the Thriller dances if he won VF5, and what do you know he ended up taking it. Forcing me to do the dances to Thrilller in Zach’s kitchen. Good shit Ryan.
-BTW an all Michael Jackson Marvel mix probably needs to be made hahah. That’d be sick!
-Next one’s on the 21st.

Thanks again, Zach! I always look forward to these gatherings.

The Marvel finals were so good… After watching that, I’m speechless.

Oops… my bad on VF brackets:

Julian = Blake/airthrow

Julian B = Beasley/zass

Speechless, probably because you were busy doing the calculations necessary to defeat such strong fighters.

Yeah, I said it. Soon, they shall be chanting your name.

Thanks Zach, Sir Deezo of Scottsville, and Nate for running such events. Top 4 in ST using Gief is awesome, yet sad.

Clayton, zass’ name is spelled Julien, good luck trying to tell us apart online because even I’ve mispelled the name. And we’re both Julia/en B’s, so the B part doesn’t help…

Haha, I’ve always enjoyed Pablo’s posts. Seattle Marvel is awesome. :tup:

I was pretty excited when I saw the first team that Row was using (Doom?!?!), but then he switched to his real team in loser’s and I ran into that buzzsaw. I always forget that Row’s random factor is incredibly high. Random hypergrav xx tempest is too powerful against hemophiliac Megaman. :sad:

I even had my “new new” team ready to go against Dann. Oh well. Our Ken teams marathon afterwards was pretty hilarious. :smile:

Good seeing Tonberry again. :tup:

Fuck MAS!

I hand-recorded the last half of Row vs Dann and the two sets of grand finals. It’s probably a little shaky, but I know that not many people have seen Dann, so wanted to make sure I caught some of him playing. I’m sorry I didn’t catch him beating Row in winner’s - I think taping loser’s finals and on up is probably a pretty good plan, and I can tape other matches if people explicitly want me to.

MagStormKen is a lot of fun. It’s my new goof around team.

I bet you only got the matches where I was sandbagging. :wgrin:

Any match that has JMar in it please. Thx!

:tup: Row vs Jmar please. :tup:

I will get a point by the end of the season! So help me god. Maybe some actual practice would help with that.

I’ll get to encoding the footage probably next week when I have my new computer. I’d like to avoid the glitching problems I’ve been having encoding on this computer.

Ken is too fun. We need to hack that guy a decent fireball.

I think we need to get some of Brian’s matches up. He doesn’t win tournaments that often, but man, sometimes that guy just pulls some crazy low tier magic out of his ass, and you just have to see it to believe it.

Damn dann beasting over in seatac. GS getting top 3 again

and anybody using stiltman shit should just forfeit because of boredom.