[03/10/12] Midtown Comics Mashfest 3: Street Fighter x Tekken

Apologies for having to rush things near the end, as we got kicked out earlier than expected. Thanks to Zaichiek for the set-ups, EricTheIntern for the OP, and Jon the 2-hit Combo for hosting. Special thanks to every one of our 67 entrants; without you players there is no tournament.

*Note: Losers side of top 4 did not get to play out, so places 2,3,and 4 were decided by coin toss.

Bracket Link

1st: [KPB/EMP] Hiro
2nd: DMG Insaynne
3rd: Krismass
4th place: DMG Lionheart
5th: [EMP] Evil Rahsaan
5th: DarkFalz
7th: Angelo
7th: KorIC_Da_Great
9th: Phire
9th: KaiOH
9th: ChrisRed
9th: Aljon
13th: ESIE Virgo
13th: Zeta
13th: LB TheUltimizer
13th: SB Prime
17th: MegaManSteve
17th: KevinDiaz
17th: MisterWalker
17th: MarcL
17th: Sol Leks
17th: SimonKim
17th: MarkR
17th: Rhys
25th: RockCho
25th: GabeO4L
25th: Shag
25th: Victim
25th: SKL Apollo
25th: More4YourBuck
25th: DevonR
25th: Manny Fuerte
33rd: Dreamz
33rd: WillD4Beast
33rd: AxelN
33rd: iHeart
33rd: AnthonyChobot
33rd: HadoWolf
33rd: MuayThaiDKO
33rd: BuickJames
33rd: Apex | AlexStrife
33rd: SaltyCookies
33rd: F-USteve
33rd: Lilith
33rd: FBZ Neji
33rd: KillerJason
33rd: Zaichiek
33rd: 2-Hit Combo
49th: [KPB] Roddyness
49th: Burnside
49th: Blues686
49th: DarkFalco
49th: GregJ
49th: FlatTop
49th: MurderMea
49th: BlankaKong
49th: Eric the Intern
49th: Christos
49th: AaronSaidi
49th: Scoop
49th: Zmiius
49th: ShadowKnight
49th: Todd Matthy
49th: Mike BMW
65th: JamalStone
65th: Raymundo
65th: XiVK

Some short clips my friend took of the event:
^was fun.
hope everyone who came had a great time and enjoyed this SFxT launch weekend event we had.

I want to touch on the matter of the event ending abruptly,
I talked with Legends bar today and they sincerely apologize, as of right now they do not know why we were forced to close early by the evening manager. It is unfortunate that one person’s judgement caused such a hype event to end on a sour note, and is completely unacceptable, both to the people who stayed to the end and those watching from home. But whats done is done. We were forced to rush the brackets and only play out winners as we were being told to wrap up without a choice in the matter.

As the person who helped Jon plan out this event, I feel as though I have to come forward and say sorry. Sorry for the lack of a hype finals which the event was building up to, and then ended up being rushed for no good reason. Sorry for not having a voice in the matter when we were told to leave.

It sucks that such a thing is a downer on what was a very very positive event leading up to that point.
I really want to focus on the positive, as it was a great time up until the end, and there is no reason to have that spoil what was a great time otherwise. I hope others feel the same way.

To everyone that stayed til the end: I hope you had a great time and enjoyed yourselves regardless.
To those that left before 11: stay happy :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope everyone enjoyed their time and had good games.

Looking back at it, it just makes no sense to me why things had to end in the way they did. =
why can’t we have nice things?