[03/17/07] SJSU Tourney


DATE: Saturday, March 17.

TIME: Sign-ups starts from 12:00 - 2:00 PM.
Tournament starts @ 2:30 PM.

NOTE: Please exchange phone numbers in advance. That way you can call a buddy and have him sign you in if you end up running late.

LOCATION: Student Union Bowling Center
@ San Jose State University

GAMES:[LIST][] Capcom vs SNK 2
] Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
[] Marvel vs Capcom 2
] Guilty Gear XX: #Slash
[] Tekken 5.2: Dark Resurrection
] King of Fighter XI
[*] Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo [/LIST]
(Min 8 participates required for any tournament.)

ENTRY FEE: $5 per game. (pay to play)

PRIZE: 70-20-10

Disclaimer: Info is subject to change…

For more details, please visit:

MySpace members: Click Here.


Hosts needed:
[LIST][] CvS2 -
] SF3:3S - MrHappyface
[] MvC2 - (x_x)o-(’.'o)
] GGX2:#Slash - eLectriK
[] T5:DR -
] KoFXI - tonchopilatos510
[*] PF -[/LIST]

And just so you guys know, I have a REAL camcorder now.


I’ll be trying to make this one with some other people for 3s is good times


i wish i could go i don’t think i will be able to make this but i will try to.


Probably will make it, but it all depends


ill be there for kof xi and maybe puzzle fighter


is there anybody else going for xi??? i hope it does not get cancel againg…


hell yeah! the more the merrier! so how many are you bringing?

what’s holding you back?

KoF had enough sign-up in our last tourney, so I think you should be safe. If by 2 PM the game only has 7 sign-ups, then i’ll sign-up and be that 8th person.


well i am suppose to be moving to a different house around that week.


thank u happy. i know ur a dope 3s player but can u handle that kof ???


I will go, if only to see the Yang player not make it ANYWHERE close to top 10.


I’ll take him out


Don’t touch my bounty anthony :slight_smile:




Whiff headbutt throw FTW


dont even bother come out for 3s…losers!


Wtf? No one ever talks to you man, shut up.

Are you some kind of next-generation fob? Cuz that’s worse than me.


Ill be there.


hope ur not serious…if u r bad news for u!


children, please behave yourselves.