03/20/10 - JERSEY SHOREYUKEN: SF4 3v3 & 1v1/T6/All Day Lan! - Absecon, NJ

Hosted by Console Warzone & Nerd Palace

Okay peoples, big news today in NJ as Console Warzone and Nerd Palace are teaming up for this great event! In case you haven’t heard, Console Warzone runs regular fighting game events in NJ while the Nerd Palace is a house converted into a LAN center that also runs regular events.

NP has recently been revamped to include 7 arcade cabinets. These cabinets will be used for multiple games including SF4, 3S, Tekken 6, MvC2, CvS2. We will be using 2 arcade cabinets for our SF4 tournaments and the rest will be played on lagless monitors.

The rest of the cabinets will be used for casual play all day. You can check out this video for a look at them!


Nerd Palace will also be hosting the live stream all day at…


This event will be unique in that Console Warzone will be running all the tournaments but there will also be TONS of casual setups for people to come and play any of every game they can think of. The entry to Nerd Palace is going to be $3 for all day play. That is nothing! Come and level your game up!

The games NP will have available are as follows:

  • Street Fighter 4
  • Plenty of 360’s and monitors for various games…BlazBLue, Tekken,
  • NFL Blitz Cabinet running dreamcast games like Cvs2/MvC2/3S
  • Super Neo 29 Cabinet running Dreamcast games - CVS2/MVC2/3S
  • Killer Instinct Mame Cabinet including 3rd Strike and any other games you can think of
  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom: USA version for Wii
  • Any game you can bring or think of, we will have it all!

**UPDATE: ** The Nerd Palace will be live streaming this event in HIGH DEFINITION! In addition to that, to make this event more of a fun atmosphere, we will have the BBQ fired up to make some food throughout the day. Come and say farewell to SF4!!


Saturday, March 20th , 2010


228 North Shore Road
Absecon, NJ 08201
House in the back


Doors open at Noon
SF4 3v3 - 2 PM
T6 1v1 - 4 PM
SF4 1v1 - 6 PM

Schedule will be: SF4 3v3, T6, SF4 Singles, in that order.


(The $3 house fee is required whether you play in the tournament or not.)

$3 House Fee - Play casual all day! Tournament entry not required!
$15 Per Team SF4 3v3 Team Battle
$10 Tekken 6 Singles
$10 SF4 Singles


(More games are being discussed and will be announced at a later date. Please be vocal if you would like to see a tournament for your game.)

**TEKKEN 6 1v1 $10 Entry **

  • To be played on PS3
  • All characters allowed
  • Rounds best 3/5 matches 2/3
  • Finals will be best 4/7 and 3/5 matches
  • Double elimination
  • Prize pot 70/20/10

3v3 SF4 TEAM BATTLE $15 per Team **

  • 3v3 Team Battle played on Xbox 360 and Arcade Machines
  • One character per team, players must stick with same character throughout tournament
  • Format is Pokemon format (ie. Team 1, 2, 3 vs. Team 4, 5, 6 ? 1 beats 4, 1 beats 5, 6 beats 1, 2 beats 6. Team 1, 2, 3 wins.)
  • Double Elimination
  • Matches are 2/3 rounds and 1 set at Default health and handicap
  • Winner Final, Loser Final and Grand Finals will be 2/3 sets
  • Losing team in finals may switch their order, winning team must keep same
  • Prize pot will be 80/20

STREET FIGHTER 4 1v1 $10 Entry

  • Games to be played on Xbox 360
  • No characters banned
  • Winner keeps same character, loser can change
  • 2/3 Rounds
  • 2/3 Games
  • 99 Seconds
  • Double Elimination
  • Default Health and Handicap
  • Double Blind pick will be available if requested
    Loser Final, Winner Final and Grand final will be 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
    Prize pot 70/20/10

More information will be announced but for right now sign up on this thread or e-mail me at ConsoleWarzone@gmail.com

Deluxe! You know Ill be there!

Oh this is going to be Epic. I smell two DMG teams competing this one. Warriors get ready!

Tekken 6 1v1 added.

You know the situation will be there

ill be there

Sounds out of control … I’ll see if I can make it!

There will be food and drinks there for people. If its not too cold we could bbq too.

Ill definitely be there !!

Name change cause it’s sick

Come on people get hyped for this!

godlike name change, i’ll be there

i <3 teh name … is there anything else we should have there ? im def thinking bbq action

Sounds like fun, i’ll be practicing for it. Others from DMG going jose?

See you guys there.

This sounds cool and would be a tournament first for me! I sent an email to the op about signing up for the 1v1 tourney, but haven’t heard back (if I’m even supposed to get a relpy lol). Anyway, I’m in for the 1v1 tourney cause someone has to lose in the first round!

I got your e-mail…the sign up thing is more to get an idea of how many people are coming so we can plan ahead. We will take all sign-ups at the event.

Get pumped people! Start getting those 3v3 squads together!

This I have to make. Shit sound freaking awesome!

I’ll tell my friends.

AHAHAHA Ryder joined you guys?

This is sad.
Sad because I’m gonna have to beat your entire team.

In 2009, it’ll take an act of god for DMG to win a tournament that Empire Arcadia is at.

Epic name.