(03/22/11) 8 on the Break Weekly #100

Another exciting tourney from the Break!


1: Chris G (Wesker, Amaterasu, Ryu)
2: Josh Wong (Sentinel, Dr. Doom, Dante)
3: MarlinPie (C. Viper, Amaterasu, Magneto)
4: Damian
5: Shawn Morgan
5: RandomJames
7: Smooth Viper
7: EMP Mugetsu
9: Jimmy P
9: Dr Chaos
9: Noel FUCKING Brown
9: dmbrandon
13: Bay6
13: Pat
13: quotes
13: Julien
17: EdtheHead
17: Polo
17: MaxOut
17: ComeBack
17: Zucco
17: RonStoppable
17: Pacquiao
17: Ryder
25: DesBlasian
25: Ebbs
25: Vinco
25: BadFish
25: Rob2
25: TenStars
25: Chris Matrix
33: REFan
33: Ramon
33: Captain
33: Sal-V
33: Scrubtastic
33: JD


1: EMP Santhrax & EMP Yipes (Sagat, Dictator)
2: Ryder & MarlinPie (Abel, C. Viper)
5: Chris G
5: JeffSledge
5: Sai
5: Rob
9: Sal-V
9: Vinco
9: Captain

Best part when was Sanford got mad hyped over this “yucky” game lol

The Break was crazy. I got about 3 hours of sleep. Videos are up on Jaxel’s YouTube channel. Shoutouts to errybody.

shawn dont use your meter!!! D:

^This man speaks gospel.

Was watching the stream then I drove to the tourney to watch in person since I live 8 minutes away. Alot of crazy comebacks in this game.

All you SF4 and MVC3 players that come to these keep on the lookout for my tourney series for both games starting April 16th: http://shoryuken.com/f7/hgs-bimonthlies-mvc3-ssf4-south-river-nj-4-16-11-a-265000/

I was laughing at how bad it is lmao


vids up already too YouTube - Jaxelrod’s Channel

Best yet. More NY and PA people need to show, this was pretty fucking hype.

Shoutouts to Damian for beating me again.

First 3 tournament ive done really bad in.

Redemption next week.

For those that missed it:


You can find more during the last few matches. Loser finals, grand finals, loser semis.

Yo Marvel we know drama man marvel im glad u have come

This looked like fun