03/29/09 - Games On SAN DIEGO SFIV Results!


Thanks everyone who made it out! We had 30 people for Street Fighter IV… here are the results…

1st - Sanchez (Dictator)
2nd - Viscant (Blanka, Dhalsim, Zangief)
3rd - shglbmx (Blanka, Claw)

4th - Andrew V. (Blanka)
T 5th - AlexMan
T 5th - Louie
T 7th - dbostick
T 7th - Ghengis
T 9th - John R.
T 9th - Frank Fresh
T 9th - th3hurricane
T 9th - Traven N.
T 13th - Ferdie L.
T 13th - SAB
T 13th - Kevin N.
T 13th - ViciousSuicide
T 17th - ScratchieChan
T 17th - Faiz
T 17th - Francis A.
T 17th - fast_handsCODY
T 17th - Doods
T 25th - Joshua S.
T 25th - Flurious
T 25th - David D.
T 25th - Ben A.
T 25th - Games On
T 25th - JFed

Thanks everyone for coming!


Nice meeting some new ppl and seeing some old faces…

I saw lots of people with the TE sticks! I hope they’re working well for you!


very nice. ggs. only thing could made it better. the sun. damn it.


Results article on SDTEKKEN:


did not play solid today


good shit Viscant!What matchups you play Dahlsim in?


He played his Dhalsim against me in the final round. We had to play for losers finals and since I took him out earlier in the day and sent him to losers, he told me he would counter pick me with dhalsim since he lost to blanka vs blanka (i <3 u jay). i counter picked with vega and ended up switching back to blanka at the end and he beat me. :[


add me on xbox live so i can get some blanka practice or psn

live- fast handsCODY
psn- fast_handsCODY


Had a great time, lots of stiff competition. ggs to those I played and yeah, Viscant’s Blanka is serious business.

Nice seeing some of you guys again; it’s too bad we missed each other, MarkMan. Happy hour in the place next door was calling. :slight_smile:


Good games, good times.

How did I get Sanchez and Viscant back to back? Brackets, FML

Oh Viscant that Gief. If I wasn’t so enthralled by your good looks, I would have said something. =D

Good shit Sancheezy/ShigNasty/Jayscanty. Great venue! Hope to see you guys again sometime.


No shit, lol. I hate when I lose cause I didn;t stick to my main. Grats on 3rd plenaire!


Good games to everyone I played and it feels like I played everyone. I guess that happens when you lose 2nd round and have to come all the way back. Sorry I couldn’t give people a better finals, Sanchez flat out raped me. Next time we play I’ll have another character for you. I wonder if I should even call myself a Blanka player anymore; it seems like in almost all late round matches in tournaments I always go to a counter character instead of Blanka. Oh well, off to the Guile forum.

Great venue though. I was totally not classy enough to be in that game store. I felt like I should drive home between games to put on nicer shoes and a sport jacket or something. Awesome environment. Hopefully we can run some more events there!

–Jay Snyder


I’m sure we’ll have more events in the future! We just need to get more SD ppl to show up!

Let’s do it!

Congrats to the placers!

Jay, just wear your vest… !



From now on your characters played will just be listed as COUNTERPICK. GGs to you and all.

This was a nice venue and the tournament ran super smooth(outside of my matches being delayed cause I kept on borrowing sticks:sweat:). Good times all around! Will def try to make it out to future events.


show me how to play sf4, jay.

i hear tommy has get-togethers. lets do it


Yeah we were talking about you today, since you’re a monster online. I gave them my number, next time Tommy has a gathering I’ll come out. If you need someone to teach you how to blow combos, I’m your man, just like hella years ago.

–Jay Snyder


Good games to everyone I played. This was probably the toughest competition I had to face. Thanks to SD Tekken for organizing such a smooth tournament. And to Games On for hosting the event. One of the nicest places to hold a tournament. Blanka was definetley controlling the matches. GGS Cody!!! I know your Rufus is gonna come back and kill me.



good shit to my north socal representatives

youll get em next time john reezy :frowning:

Sanchez, the classy gentlemen store called, they’re running out of you.

shgl vs viscant, the eternal match up


GGs guys


damn, i just heard about this tournament the day after. i’m pretty sure i’d place last but it’d be cool to see some pros play. i’ll be sure to make it to the next tournament in SD.