(03/29/11) 8 on the Break Weekly #101

Another EXCITING tourney from the Break!


1: MarlinPie (C.Viper, Magneto, Amaterasu)Josh Wong (Dante, Felicia, Taskmaster)
Mike Infinite (Sentinel, Wesker, Phoenix)
4: TenStars
5: Felax
5: Dr Chaos
7: Josh Wigfall
7: DemonHyo
9: RonStoppable
9: Damian
9: Liston
9: Smooth Viper
13: Xecutioner
13: Noel FUCKING Brown
13: FAB
13: MaxOut
17: Pacquiao
17: MeatTrunk
17: Sick Duck
17: Rigel
17: Ansell
17: Nick R
17: Matrix
17: Sean Morgan
25: EdtheHead
25: JD
25: Zer0
25: Spaceboy
25: Scrubtastic
25: D-Block
25: WetBucket
25: JoeJo the Worst


1: MarlinPie (C. Viper) KDZ (Rufus)
3: Sai
3: Dynicksty
5: JD
5: LeoGeo2
5: KneeGrows2dGod
5: Coderius
9: Gilly
9: Captain

Just want to say good job handling that situation before the jokes roll in.


[media=The Break Weekly #101 - Noel Brown VS Smooth Viper]10446[/media]

so how bout that MarlinPie?

Classic moment of year 2011 #2… Gotta love that MAHVEL!!


ggs to everyone tonight.

Does anyone know what Dynicksty yelled? “YO…???” If he was yelling Marvel, it sounded odd. Please enlighten me.

Rip samba de amigo

worldstar hiphop damn

damn where the vid at ??? this is gonna be BREAK MOMENT #34

  1. Samba de Amigo cab

RIP ;_;

8otb is my favorite stream

I thought last week was hype, but damn. What’s in store for next week? And over 1900 were watching this week’s action. Good shit.


don’t worry kids I’ll punch someone next week if the stream gets stagnant… heard the donations came rolling in after that hahahahah…

Nice matches, don’t agree with sucker punching a guy with a broken leg but that’s just me, I guess.

I love Marvel

so whats the full story?

p.s ill donate if you guys get new mc’s plz.

This wouldve been perfect if it happened last week for the Break’s centennial…only in the East Coast baby! cheaaaa