04/10/09 AFRO DOJO SF4 Singles/2v2 Results


Was a good showing for the last dojo night!! Had 20 peeps in my tiny apt lol.

Never seen so many abel players in one session. Think we had 5 beasting through out the night hehe.

SF4 Singles (16 entrees)

1st Cole (Rog, Sim)
2nd Nolan ( C. Viper)
3rd Deezo (Rog, Chun, Bison)
4th Nick (Abel)
5th Rikk-O (Bison)
5th Elliott (Sagat, Abel?)
7th Jon “Gojira” W (Abel)
7th James O (Abel)

SF4 2v2 Round Robin ( 8 teams!!! )
1st Cole/Runta
2nd XTG/Tempest
3rd Deezo/Elliott

For the 2v2, these were the top 3 in points, we did not get to play a final match. These are the results based on the round robin points.

New Dojo will be in full effect once I move =P Till then, see everyone at Preppys!!


Vids Link : http://www.youtube.com/user/AfroNinjaCole


arcade in a box


Good shit cole, whats with all the Abel’s.