(04/11/2009) PANHANDLE SMASHFEST (Tallahassee, FL) (Brawl/ Melee/TvC/SFIV)

Fluxx’d UP! Presents:

April 11th, 2009

PHS (Formerly PHB) invites you to join us for our grand opening at out new venue!

April 11th, 2009

PHS (Formerly PHB) invites you to join us for our grand opening at out new venue!

The Venue:
Gym Force Athletic Training Center
2860 Industrial Plaza Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32301


Directions To the tounrament from Exit 209A off of I-10:

1: Merge onto US-90 W/ FL-10 W/ MAHAN DR via EXIT 209A toward TALLAHASSEE.
2: Turn LEFT onto US-319 S/ FL-261 S/ CAPITAL CIR NE.
4: End at 2860 Industrial Plaza Dr Tallahassee, FL 32301

Tentative Schedule of Events:


8:00 AM Venue Opens, Sign-ups Begin!
9:30 AM Melee Doubles Begin
11:00 AM Brawl Doubles and “Tastunoko VS Capcom” Begin!
1:00 PM Melee Singles Begin and Street Fighter IV Begin!
3:00 PM Brawl Singles Begin

This is an ALL Day Event, There will be no refunds for tournament entry fees unless for extreme emergency, so please plan to be here all day, as all times are somewhat estimated.

Here is Contact Information should you have any questions:
If you have Housing questions, We will be able to arrange housing, and i do encourage housing as the events are starting extremely early!

Me (386)847-2728
AWAL (954)618-9548
MrFTW (850)559-2845
LIZARD (407)252-2873
DBS (313)727-4099
8 (850)590-7520
JSSN (239)961-6359


Here is the Price List for all of the Events taking Place on this day!
Melee: Singles $5 entry fee
Melee: Doubles $5 entry fee
Brawl: Singles $10 entry fee
Brawl: Doubles $10 entry fee
Capcom VS Tastunoko $5 entry fee
Street Fighter IV $5 dollar entry fee

The pot for Singles Tournament will be divided like this: If under 40 people: (100% of the total pot will be used for the players!)
1st: 60% of the total pot
2nd: 25% of the total pot
3rd: 15% of the total pot

Should we have 40 or more people in the Singles Brackets, the pot distribution will be
1st: 60% of the total pot
2nd: 25% of the total pot
3rd: 10% of the total pot
4th: 5% of the total pot

The pot for Doubles Tournaments will be divided like this: If there are Under 14 teams:
1st: 60% of the total pot
2nd: 25% of the total pot
3rd: 15% of the total pot

should we have 15 or more teams in the Doubles Brackets, the pot distrubution will be
1st: 60% of the total pot
2nd: 25% of the total pot
3rd: 10% of the total pot
4th: 5% of the total pot

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament Rules (Singles and Doubles)

General rules
3 stock
7 minutes
No items
Damage Ratio: 1.0
No handicap
Self destruct: -1

If you are more than 7 minutes late for your match, you will forfeit the set, please try to remain close to the venue during tournament operation
Custom Controls will be allowed, Provided that you show up early enough to set them up and it comes at a first come, first serve basis

Match Schedule
Rounds will consist 2/3 matches in a double elimination bracket
BEFORE the 1st match of the round BEGINS, both players will ban a stage for the remainder for the round to be selected as a counter pick.
Stages for the first round will be done by random from the legal neutral stages
Once a loser has been decided from the first round, counter-picking comes into effect
If the loser of the 1st match wins the 2nd match, then the 3rd match will proceed the same way, except for the declaration of the banned stage.
Once the Stages have been picked, the winner will pick a new character or stick with their current character, the loser will then pick their character
Should there be a 3rd match in the set, the same procedure will follow suit
The final rounds of loser’s winner’s and Grand will consist of 3/5 matches

Character Rules
All characters are available for selection and players are free to choose who ever they want, if there is a problem when picking characters, players can call a judge for a double blind pick

Special and Specific Rulings
Standing and Walking Infinites are banned
Daves stupid rule: you cannot counter pick a stage you have previously had a victory on in the set
Sudden Death no longer applies, should a match run out of time, the player with the lowest percent wins the round.
Meta Knights infinite Cape can be used unless for the purposes of stalling, i.e more than 5 seconds
Anti-Planking Rule - If you have more than 70 ledge grabs at the end of the match, you have forfeit your win for that match
Above all else, if both players come to a consensus about something, than that overrides any rule written.
Any methods of excessive stalling will result in an immediate disqualification

Stage Lists

Legal Neutral stages are as follows and are to be used on random:
Final Destination
Yoshis island (Brawl Version)
Lylat Cruise

Legal Counterpick stages are as follows:
Castle Seige
Battleship Halberd
Frigate Orpheon
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Stadium 2
Great Sea
Luigis Mansion
Delfino Plaza

Banned Stages are as follows:
New Pork City
Mario Bros
Mario Circuit
Port City Aero Dive
Big Blue
Green Hill Zone
Shadow Moses Island
Flatzone 2
Mushroomy Kingdom
Spear Pillar
Rumble Falls
Yoshis Island (Melee version)
Hyrule Temple
Bridge of Eldin
Distant Planet
Green Greens
Rainbow Cruise

Additional Rules for Double’s Play
Life Stealing is allowed
Set team attack to ON

Super Smash Brothers: Melee

General Rules
Items are set to off
The stock is set to 4
The time limit is set to a minimum of 90 seconds per stock
All sets are best of 3 matches
In the event of a dispute, controller ports will be selected by Rock-Paper-Scissors
No player may choose the stage they last won on
Ties will be broken by lives, then percentage. In the event of a percentage tie, one stock sudden death will be played
Wobbling is allowed except when used to excessively stall a match
The Ice Climber Freeze Glitch is banned
Jigglypuff’s rising pound stall is banned
Peach’s bomber stall beneath levels where she is unreachable is banned (example: FoD)
*In the event of time constraints 3 stocks may be used
**120 seconds per stock should be considered high priority
Set Format (in order of procedure)

  1. Opponents choose their characters for the first match
  2. Each player may announce one stage to be banned for the entirety of the set
  3. The first stage will be played at random from the Random Stage List
  4. The loser of the previous match announces the next match’s stage from either the Random Stage List or the Counter Stage List
  5. The winner of the previous match chooses their character
  6. The loser of the previous match chooses their character
  7. Repeat steps 4-7 for all proceeding matches

Random Stage List
Dream Land: Fountain of Dreams
Kanto: Pokemon Stadium
Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise
Past Stages: Dream Land
Past Stages: Kongo Jungle
Special Stages: Final Destination
Special Stages: Battlefield
Yoshi’s Island: Yoshi’s Story

Counter Stage List
Dream Land: Green Greens
DK Island: Jungle Japes
F-Zero Grand Prix: Mute City
Kanto Skies: Poke Floats
Lylat System: Corneria
Planet Zebes: Brinstar

Banned Stage List
DK Island: Kongo Jungle
Eagleland: Onett
Eagleland: Fourside
F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue
Hyrule Temple
Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain
Lylat System: Venom
Mushroom Kingdom I
Yoshi’s Island: Yoshi’s Island
Past Stages: Yoshi’s Island
Superflat World: Flat Zone
Termina: Great Bay
Mushroom Kingdom 1 & 2

Street Fighter IV Rules

All matches will be set to best 3 out of 5
A set will consist of a best 2 out of 3 matches
Timer will be set to 99 seconds
Seth is banned
Gouken is banned

Tastunoko vs Capcom Rules

A set will consist of best 2 out of 3 matches
The timer will be set to 99 seconds
Player swapping before a match via use of the player button is allowed
Both Giant Mechs are banned

For any more questions please let me know ASAP! PM me and i try to check this forum at least twice a day! A capture card will be available for brawl singles and doubles, if some one would provide on efor melee so i can get footage on youtube that would be awesome. If you can let me know if you’re going now that would be awesome. I hope to see alot of people come out!

We will need alot of people to bring setups for this tournament, and so long as the venue cost is covered we will be able to offer discounts for those who brings setups. Discounts are as follows, provided the house fee is covered

Brawl/SFIV/TvC/Melee: 0
Wii: $2.50
TV: $2.50
Xbox360: $2.50

ALSO: if you have extension cords, power strips, etc. PLEASE BRING THEM, we’re defenitly going to be them.

We will have a list at the front desk for anyone who brings a setup and we will know where exactly it goes and where it will be at all times, once a setup is put into position, it doesn’t move unless the owner is leaving.

There are several restaurants nearby the venue, some of the restaurants near the venue include:
CICIs Pizza
Burger King
Waffle House
Several Ethnic Restaurants

The Crew will also have onsite food for sale at a concenssions stand, a menu will be posted later, but we will be serving cold drinks and Fresh Burgers, Hot Dogs, etc. Please Look later when the menu is finalized.

Most importantly i want everyone who comes to have as much fun as possible, as that is the whole point of this thing. So please I urge all of you to come out and have a blast, and I hope to see you all out there! Its gonna be epic!. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Edit* forget I said anything, not my place to say what you should do with your tournament.