[04/15/2013] STL BarWarz Series 3 | UMVC3 Winter Season Finale

While Winter still be coming on TV, we are finally done with it here at BarWarz! We conclude the Winter Season with one last go of dat Mahvel. Rex0r is pretty much locked in, but much like last week with AE, the 2nd and 3rd place spots are still in play! With double points in effect, theoretically up to 5 players are in contention for that bonus cash! PLUS, come midnight, we will be having our FIRST TASTE of Injustice on the stream, so you will not want to miss that!!! Monday can never come soon enough, and that goes especially for this coming one. Until then!


STREAM: http://twitch.tv/stlbarwarz


@6PM - Casuals Begin/Stream Setup
@7PM - Tourney Signups commence
@8PM - Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 1v1 [$5]
@MIDNIGHT - Injustice: Gods Among Us [???]

Current Top 10:

  1. Rex0r (60)
  2. Gllty (30)
  3. Big Mike (22)
  4. Professor Lex (21)
  5. Wite Buddha (17)
  6. MMC Black Ken (12)
  7. Beezibop (7)
  8. Hudson (5)
  9. Psychoshot (4)
  10. Israel (3)
  11. Bushido Brown (3)
  12. OG Sad (3)
  13. Skubtastic (3)

Format: UMVC 3 - 3/5 All Sets

All the nights matches are double elimination.

70/20/10 tourney payout. SEASONAL BONUSES: 100/75/50


If you want to waive the $5 venue fee and help out STLBarWarz please register to reserve a station for your setup. Set-ups must include both a console and a screen. During tournaments STLBarWarz reserves the right to ask you to set your station to a particular game, however you may otherwise play whatever you’d like at your set-up. We may also be preferential to those who bring ASUS or other low-lag monitors vs. monitors which have noticeable lag. If you reserve a station in advance you have until the first tournament starts to get it set up or your space may be used by someone else.

For those who bring a set-up without a reservation you will be allowed to set-up on a first come first serve basis until all the spots are filled. We will also waive your venue fee. (Note: If you and a friend come up and one brings a console and the other a screen, only one person can claim that setup… the other must still pay).

As always, STL BarWarz is proudly brought to you with support from our sponsors:

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