[04/18/2009] Kogarasumaru April 2009 Monthly (Edison, NJ)


Saturday, April 18
8 Emerson St
Edison, NJ 08820
[]Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 131
]Make RIGHT onto Highway 27
[]Make RIGHT at FIRST light onto Wood Ave (between two gas stations)
]Make LEFT at THIRD light onto Inman Ave
[]PASS first light (Featherbed Lane)
]Take IMMEDIATE LEFT onto Ahmerst Ave
[*]Ahmerst Ave becomes Emerson St at bend.
We are literally 5 minutes away from the Edison Metropark Train station and players will be more than happy to pick you up if you are coming by plane or train. The train schedule is available online at: http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/Current/r0070.pdf.

[]2:00 PM - Street Fighter IV Singles Tournament
]6:00 PM - Soulcalibur IV Singles Tournament
[]Tournament will be run on the PlayStation3 Console
]Match can be played on the 360 if both players agree
[]Double Elimination Tournament (DONT LEAVE EARLY)
]Sets consist of 2/3 Matches in preliminary sets
[]Sets consist of 3/5 Matches in bracket-finals sets
]Sets consist of 4/7 Matches in grand-finals sets
[]Bracket will be randomized based on player regions
]Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
[]Double Blind Character Selection available by request
]Random Stage Selection for first match of set
[]Loser’s Choice for new RANDOM stage by request
]Button Sequence Macroing is banned (Binding still legal)
[]Pausing may result in forfeiture of that specific round
]Soft Reset will result in forfeiture of that specific match
[]Matches consist of 3/5 Rounds in all sets
]Rounds consist of 60 second time limit in all sets
[]All stages are currently legal for tournament play
]All matches played at 100% health and soul gauge
]Matches consist of 2/3 Rounds in all sets
[]Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
]All stages are currently legal for tournament play
[]All matches played at default health and handicap
]I will not be supplying Wireless PS3 Controllers
[]I will not be supplying PS3 USB Sync Cables
]I will not be supplying PSX -> PS3 converters
[]Squatting during casual play is strictly prohibited
]You must take a shower before the tournament
[]No smoking is permitted inside of my house area
]Be clean and courteous, and clean up after yourself
[]Please don’t walk in front of TVs durings matches
]Absolutely don’t vandalize the supplied equipment
[*]We reserve the right to search anyone suspicious

If you are bringing your own stick, make sure to bring an appropriate converter; I will not be responsible for converter and controller issues. The tournament will be run on as many TVs as I deem necessary depending on the turnout; all other TVs will be used for casuals and money matches. We have one 48" RCA Proscan SDTV and two 50" Sony WEGA SXRD HDTVs. Any match recorded in the main room will be recorded and put on the web for download.

[]$10 Soulcalibur IV Singles
]$10 Street Fighter IV Singles
[*]$5 House Fee
Please don’t be late. If you are going to be late, call us before hand so we can hold the start till you arrive. If you have been to one of our tournaments before, you should have recieved someone’s phone number in which you can contact. If you haven’t, please send either Kid D Zaster, Bibulus, ShadowFox or Serge a PM.

Are there any prizes to this event?

Prizes are based on pot split… If 50 people show up, its a $500 pot, split $350/$100/$50 for the top placers.

My events tend to be a lot about the AFTER-PARTY. There will be lots of alcohol and food present, so players who are not permitted to drink should be aware of this. We will take car-keys from anyone who drinks, and we won’t be giving alcohol to minors.

We are discussing rule changes for Soulcalibur IV currently.

This event is an 8WayRun.Com Exclusive SC4 Ranking Ladder Event!

The times for the tournaments have been updated…

Also, you can RSVP for the event here:

i might go if mr quotes wants to (and he likes soul calibur!)

fuck that game

hell, fuck both games for that matter

but Crooked Jester is good times, so i’ll be there if all goes well.

You guys finally have an SF game! I’ll try to make it to this… But if I recall correctly, didn’t you guys have weeklies for VF? Why not for SF4/SC4?

A large base of SC4 players are from NYC, and it’s just not feasible to ask them to come out every week.

he just mad cuz sakura sucks :looney:

one of a few reasons

Thanks for your response. It probably sounded like I was proposing a plan to have weeklies. Rather, I was trying to figure out if this was a side-event that was on top of the weeklies. I only read about the weeklies (maybe bi-weeklies) on VF.com a while back, which is why I’m out of the loop.

I’m just glad that there is a large gathering near Rutgers. Hopefully I can make it.

We haven’t done “WEEKLIES” in a few years. We only do “Monthlies” now.

We dropped VF5 from our monthlies a while back due to lack of interest. Now we are just doing SC4 and SF4.

I didnt know if you still make joysticks. I havent seen an update in your site for a while Jaxel. This tournament sounds great. There arent to many in new jersey.

but i thought down back was your favorite direction on the joystick!

fuck that shit i was born to constantly mash down every ambiguous situation

The house fee technically got smaller per game (its $2.50 per game now, instead of $3). I could continue charging $15 per game, but then I would be collecting $6 in house fees, and people who enter two games would be paying $30 per person. By seperating the house free from the tournaments themselves, I only charge a house fee once, thus I am only collecting $5 in house fees, and people who enter two games would only be paying $25 per person. On the whole, I am charging less. Yes, the pots are smaller, but since there are two games, there is actually way more money going around. And as Ramon would say, its a local monthly and the cost is too much.

You guys were paying $15 last month for SC4… if you only enter SC4 this time, its still $15. Yes, the pot is smaller, but remember that if you want to enter SF4 as well, its NOT another $15… its only $10. So you only pay the house fee for the first game, while the house fee for the second game is FREE. On another note… if you come to one of my tournaments as a player, and decide to “boycott” for some reason or another, I WILL require you to pay the house fee; or you will be forcefully removed from my house. Its MY house, and I get to decide who gets in for free, or not.

If you got a problem with this, complain to Ramon for ruining it for everbody. I’m tired of his bitching, while he always tries to play for free; ripping off tournament organizers and forcing me to constantly hunt him down for his entry fee. And I don’t mean the house fee, I mean the ENTRY fee; he’s not just ripping off the tournament organizers, but the players too.

Jaxel tournaments, are HOT if your looking to have fun and chill its more than worth the trip.

Good shit J.

Ok, needs a bit more hype.

Is there a tournament on the same day I dont know about that is detracting from the hype?

Okay… this is the idea we came up with this weekend. During this tournament, we will have a $1 winner-take-all single elimination random wildcard tournament. We are putting a list of games into a hat; games that dont have, or have ever had a tournament scene. When you play your opponents, we pick random games from the hat, and thats what you will be playing in! We’ve come up with a rudimentary list of games; and I’m going to need people’s help in bringing these games/consoles to the tournament…

Shijou Saikyo no Deishi Kenichi
Bushido Blade 2
NFL Blitz
Bloody Roar 3
Killer Instict Gold
Primal Rage
Time Killers
TMNT Tournament Fighters
Shaq Fu
Fighting for One Piece
Fighting Vipers
Mortal Kombat Armageddon
Virtua On Mars
Twinkle Star Sprites
War Gods
WCW VS NWA World Tour
Clay Fighters
Battle Stadium DON
Dream Mix TV World Fighters
Top Spin
Bleach Blade Battlers
Flame of Recca Final Burning
Intelligent Cube Remix
Kinnikuman Muscle Ultimate Grand Pri Max
Shaman King Funbari Spirits
Some random InuYasha game
Sega Soccer Slam
Def Jam Fight For New York
Wario Ware
Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi
Wu Tang Shaolin Style
Street Fighter the Movie the Game
Street Fighter 1
Mouse Trap
Don’t Wake Daddy
Blast Chamber
Lunch Money
Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus
ChuChu Rocket

Hype! It would be nice to see some SFIV vets at Jaxel’s tourney!