04/19/08 Chinatown Fair MvC2 Results

I’m doing this over because Liston is gay. We had a semi-good turnout considering CF tournaments usually are low on players. Props to Liston for bringing hope back to the marvel scene.

(15 Players) 2 out of 3 games, 3 out of 5 winners and losers finals, 4 out of 7 grand finals.

1st. Erik “Smoothviper” Arroyo (MSP, Santhrax)
2nd. George (Mag/IM/Psy)
3rd. Arthur “Baby Wolverine” Catigbe (Santhrax, MSS)
4th. Kevin “ClubbaLang” Landin (Santhrax, Scrub)
5th. Josh “J360” Aponte (Mag/IM/Sent)
5th. Javier “Khameleon” (Santhrax, MSS?)

Highlights Include:

  • Kevin making a solo commando comeback on Josh360 in the first game
    Video posted by Phocus: [media=youtube]Ro5amXdWOlg[/media]

  • Arthur vs George, final game Arthur has a big lead in losers finals, only to whiff a fierce with storm and get corner grabbed by a 20% Ironman to lose the final match.

  • Erik beating George 4-1 in Grand Finals

  • The Dragon almost beats Erik 2-1

  • Me threating Erik’s gf to step on her little pony doll because I was pissed for some reason. Sorry!!

Anyway, hope to see more players out for the next one. Video’s recorded by Phocus and Javier should be up on youtube soon.

Cant believed i missed this…coming to the may one though…first off CLUBBA LANG your the man…commando comeback good shit yo…josh…ahhahahhahah seems like CF tourneys are getting big again…cant wait for the next one.

Godlike tournament

I feel bad for whoever missed this tournament. It was really action packed. I loved it. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE! GOOD SHI’T LISTON!!! GREAT TOURNAMENT!!! Infinite, I was a little disappointed, you should have stayed, I was suppose to play you. I wanted to. Haven’t played you in a while… Hope to see you guys next time!

Hahaha you looked mad depressed when you found out Infinite was DQ’d. Liston don’t fuck around.

oh hell yeah this tourney was mad big. I’m tell u all the next one is 05/03/08. I’ll c yall there.

i would of had the vids up but these uploaders and youtube are wildin… so ima wait and see if preppy could hold me down

Yeah, I really wanted to play infinite. I can’t wait for the next one. I have to get some SS3 in. Solid Snake Simulation. Time for my VR training.

Matches from yesterday’s tourney:
Kevin vs. Josh 360:

Infinite vs. Lincoln:

Arthur vs. Liston:

Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue:

sick commando comeback

good shit kev

man…someone beat me with the commando comeback…

me leaving gave you another game to play cuz 100% you were gonna lose if i played you.

sorry i bounced early i came thru while working tried to get back in time but whatever. maybe ill be there next time.

cf owns all of my skill and game play good shit kev <3

how the fuck do you loose all that to a captain commando…that nigga can’t fight. hes a damn assist…full sent IM…and some mag wtf

its ClubbaLang thats what happen…LOL kev is godlike.

There should be a worst sticks contest between FFA and CF :rofl:

cf > ffa BY FAR

FFA is THAT bad?

I feel a money game coming after that comment. I’ll schedule an intermission during the next tourney for that money match. Thank me later guyz :tup:

Good shit to all the placers

lol, yea its that bad, lol