(04/25/09) PnT SFIV tournament + SF Battle lounge debut! - Ft Lauderdale, FL


2370 N FEDERAL HWY, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33305
Between Sunrise and Oakland Blvd on US 1 / on the WinnDixie Plaza

Contact Information:

Store’s #
(954) 537-9578(store hrs are M-Sat 12-8pm Sunday 12-6pm)

Contact Me(Dwayne B)


Swen McCoy
(954)240-0503 or swen_m@live.com


  • 2/3 Rounds(Last time it was 3/5 rounds but that was too long so yea…)
  • 2/3 matches until Winners/Losers/Grand Finals which will be 3/5
  • Winners much stay with the character while Losers can change.
  • No bad sportsmanship what so ever. IF there’s drama you will be forced to leave w/o refund.
  • PLZ PLZ PLZ Bring your own controller. Kthx
    -Depending on attendance, we will have 4 double elim brackets or 1 big double elim bracket.


Door Fee - 5 Dollars
Tournament Registration Fee - 10 dollars


1st - 65%
2nd - 15%
3rd - 10%

Point System

1st Place - 10 pts
2nd Place - 7 pts
3rd Place - 5 pts
4th Place - 3 pts
5th - 8th place - 1 pt

Here’s the schedule for Season 1:

Episode 1 - April 25th, 2009
Episode 2 - May 30th, 2009
Episode 3 - June 27th, 2009
Episode 4 Last Episode - August 1st, 2009

Winner with the most pts will win a trophy and some other prizes as well. I will post about that in a few weeks.


Doors open at 10am.

You can pre-register now on SRK so we can have a list.

Tournament will start @ 1pm!!!

After the tournament we will have a special event.

SF Battle lounge!

there will be 3 1st to 5 matches.

1st will be:

Dark hokage vs Glitch

2nd will be:

Simplepheer vs Druid

our main event will be:

Chad vs SSJ2Jeff aka the BOXER throwdown!!!


Thats about it for now.

See you on April 25th.



What is going to be done about wireless controllers that are still active on the xboxs after the person leaves? A few people including myself had our matches interrupted by someone pressing the guide button.

be there repin central orlando! prob be davids ride there lol

most definitly going to be there

wonder what the results will be


Good question.

We will use the wire plug. we have plenty. We figured out that situation half way through last time. :rofl:

But yea we will make sure that wont happen.

i’ll be there. i’m shootin for top 3 this time. not gonna lose to that joseph guy again. also any ETA on the vids from the last tourney

Looking forward to this.

Ill be there!!:nunchuck:

I’d go, but I don’t have a time machine. And wouldn’t people be freaked if they saw us playing SF4 months before it’s release date?


Nice catch :party:


Damn good one.

LOL. I’m in.

Wired controllers should fix 90% of the controller issues.

Let me know if you need anything D.

Count me in, I’ll rep the Treasure Coast area, South Florida ftw.

oh shit, Orlando’s really coming down for this one?? I hear Orlando money has a higher exchange rate than Miami money, so I’ll be more than happy to take it all :wgrin:

And Dwayne, we’re all gonna have to think of a way to run this tourney more efficiently. 10+ hrs for a single 50 man tourney is waayyyy too long, lol
The locking of the doors where the 360’s were could’ve saved at least 1 hour or 2

I’ll be there.HIALEAH!

I’m in.

st012m what general area in Hialeah, I live in hialeah As well near HML, where do you usually play?


So far the teams for SFL are:

Big 5

last spot will be determined in a few weeks.


SF BATTLE LOUNGE will be taken place as well.

Match 1 will be:

DarkHokage(Viper) vs Zerog(Sagat)

3 more matches will be posted later in the week.

I’ll take MMs.

I might go to watch and take up space.

The last tournament had lots of good people it didn’t disappoint this one should be the same.
It was worth the trek out of Hialeah.