[04/?] 6th SSF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! NYC

Hey guys, its been a while. I think the last tourney i have run is back in November but i cant wait to get back into running these tourneys. So technically i want to run the 1st SSF4 tourney hopefully with the help from SEB of FADC to stream the matches. Again not sure on the date since i want to go away on spring break (wink) but this will be fun. I will also try to make it a weekly for at least a month. GET HYPE

Saturday, April ? depends if its the 3rd or 10th or following sat (i want to go on vacation)
1st Super Street Fighter IV TOURNAMENT
pre-reg 12:00 and tourney will start at 2:00 PM “Lets be on time”

Rain "bar and lounge"
124 Ave O between west 6th and west 7th street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

use http://www.hopstop.com
if taking the N train, get off at Bay Parkway

Entry Fee***
$10 and $10 Venue fee

1st. 70% + SSF4 arcade stick
2nd. 20%
3rd. 10%

double elimination with single matches
winners/losers final will be 2/3
Grand finals will be 2/3

360 console
Controllers- BYOC
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

i will use software to randomize the brackets so its RANDOM !! maybe http://tonamento.com/

50 inch LCD HDTV and a 42 inch LCD HDTV which is run through HDMI

There is no age limit required and no players are BANNED!
Everyone also needs to respect the lounge when inside
if anyone has any additional info that they want to add message me or just reply on the forum.

Oh, great! Glad to see this will be happening again. I will definitely be at some of these.