05/03 Seattle MvC2, ST results

MvC2, 20 people

1-Jason Mar-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Sentinel/Storm/Commando +10
2-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +7
3-Rattana Phanthourath-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops +5
4-Sam Biniam “SamB”-Magneto/Storm/Psylocke +3
5-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +1
5-Theo Crooks “Taiga Knee”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +1
7-Lawrence Nath “Lawrencium”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
7-Nolan Deits “Nolander”-Magneto/Storm/Psylocke

ST, ??? people

1-Vetaire Graham “Veteru”-Ken +10
2-Jamie Fry “Kuenai”-Chun Li, Zangief +7
3-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_The_Mex”-Ryu +5
4-Keith Huang “Doughboy”-Vega/CLAW +3
5-Paul Lee “Mynameispaullee”-Honda +1
5-Dan Hwang “Dann”-Bison/DICTATOR +1
7-Justin Minaker “Gogodantes”-Ryu
7-Nate Montes “XTG”-Zangief

Point totals thus far…

Jason Mar-61 pts
Rodolfo Castro-52 pts
Danny Hwang-22 pts
Zach Robinson-20 pts
Rattana Phanthourath-16 pts
Mandel Scott-13 pts
Nolan Deits-12 pts
Kyle Chow-4 pts
Evan Wenzel-4 pts
Sam Biniam-3 pts
Lawrence Nath-3 pts
Theo Crooks-1 pt
Ian T.-1 pt
Brian Ma-1 pt
Steven La-1 pt
Sam Yatchmenoff-1 pt

Mandel Scott-62 pts
Julien Beasley-35 pts
Julian Blake-32 pts
XTG-26 pts
Alex Kelly-25 pts
Keith Huang-11 pts
Pablo Basilio-11 pts
Vetaire Graham-11 pts
Jamie Fry-10 pts
Iizuka Yosuke-7 pts
Dan Hwang-4 pts
Paul Lee-3 pts
Ondrej Lang-3 pts
Josh Rey-3 pts
Eddie Ignacio-1 pt

Frank Caraan-31 pts
Clayton-30 pts
Mike Femto-16 pts
Ryan Loop-14 pts
Robert Plummer-10 pts
Rob-7 pts
Ed-7 pts
Greg-5 pts
Julian Blake-3 pts
Sean-3 pts
Julien Beasley-1 pt
Alex-1 pt
Jamie-1 pt
Paul Lee-1 pt
Kenny Clark-1 pt
Jetay Barber-1 pt
Mike B-1 pt
Zach Robinson-1 pt

Random Comments:
-Thanks to Portland for coming up. JMar beat Row 4-1 in the finals. The one match Row won involved a solo Sentinel comeback on MSS. Pretty crazy. Some matches were recorded.
-I kinda wish I would’ve watched the ST tourney because it seemed like it was hella funny or something.
-Last tourneys of season three for ST and Marvel should be in two weeks.

Gracias Mandel. Thanks for taking the time to record it.


ST is gross…

edit: who came up from Portland? Did they play ST? I wish I could have gone. :sad:

Damn you and your Fishscale… waaaay too good :rofl:


I’ve been jealous of the lively ST scene you guys have had up there. Don’t let that shit die. :sweat:

You should come as our guest for Northwest Regionals…

If it wasn’t a week after MWC, I’d probably try to make it. I’d really like to go, but I just doubt I can do two trips in two weeks. Hell…I’m not even 100% sure I’m gonna be able to make it to MWC.

I definitely plan on comin’ up there sometime this year though. One of my friends lives up there now.

Of the good ST players, I was the only one to place top 3 (3rd place). Damn you Keith and Nate who should have made it further. If Ryu had an 8 way air dash I would destroyed Jaime’s Chun Li and faced Veteru.

I have about an hour of Marvel footage from the tourney. I used the Theo Assist to record the Grand Finals -gracias muchacho. I’ll try to have it up this weekend.

It was ridiculously fun losing to Rat and Theo using rushdown Megaman. All the matches were too close and too fun. It’s pleasing having people counterpick you and still managing to allllmost pull it off. Next time Rat is toast! :tup:

Thanks Mandel for running it. :tup:

good shit Jaime

If anyone wants specific info from the brackets, PM me or ask on the NW forums.

Though Nate going out when he did is disappointing, I’m glad I got to face you in winner’s finals :lovin:. It’s a lot easier to learn patience against you than against someone who has good execution (like Veteru). I wish I could execute consistently like that :sad:

What does Jmar know about Santhrax? Good Shit!

I can dp all day on my American stick, but it is boring. I should have picked Gief just for the sake mixing it up.

Against Chun? I thought you were in it to win it, though!

Edit: I’ll play your Gief vs my gief next time we play outside tournament. I want to see how they stack up. He’s probably the first character I’ve played with heart :rofl:

Actually, it’s “Minaker”

Thanks for posting the results Jamie :lovin:

Edited. I’m terrible with spelling uncommon names. But who isn’t? :rofl:

Haha- Theo assist. Actually, thanks to you for letting it be recorded. :tup: It was fun. GG’s. And thanks to Mandel for running it. . . and owning me. . . :sad:

Anybody got the resullts?

man i love watching Jmar n row matches :bgrin: good shitt my washington niggas!!!

I haven’t seen them that I noticed, so they might have been thrown out…

Who did you lose to? Since you beat me, you got at least 7th. If you won again, 5th…