05/15/04 - Gainesville, FL - MSG Results


Capcom vs. SNK 2

1st - Trent Van Deven (GimmeThemShoes)
A Kyo/Sakura/Cammy(2), and a shitload of other chars in A Groove

2nd - Mike Mixon (mjm/Mixup)
P Ryu/Sagat/Cammy(2)
P Blanka/Sagat/Cammy(2)

3rd - Leland Miller (Shocky)
K Geese/Sagat/Cammy(2)

4th - Allen Hou (AsianDemon) what the fuck
C Ken/Blanka/Sagat


Brian Graham (Mummy-B)
K (Kyo/Rugal/Mai)/Maki/Cammy(2)
A King/Sakura(2)/Mai

Carlos Pearman (Hiko)
C Ken/Cammy/Blanka(2)


Christian Paw (Shafted!)
A Kyosuke(!!)/Ken/Cammy(2)
A Ken/Sakura/Cammy(2)

Pete Mikalef (BigPeteRoasa)
A Rolento/(Sakura/Bison)/Blanka(2)


  • Mike getting second. You cunt.
  • Me randomly Just Defending Ken’s entire vertical uppercut super on wake up even when he mashed.
  • Christian using lower tiers than me. Only I’m allowed to do that shit, wtf.
  • Allen’s roll -> DP is way too fucking powerful. So powerful that no one understands it, not even Allen. Really.

Marvel results to be posted later.


I take it there was no XX or 3S


Yeah, Miami didn’t show up (surprise) and no one but me and a couple others were interesting in Third Strike so we were like fuck it. Plus my girl was in town and not running something and getting out early was a plus.


lol, mad props, I was hella surprised. :eek:



i understand that walking full screen + grab is like the new roll cancel…:lol:


Trent = self made A-Groove master!

A fucking original!

AAAAAAAA Groooooooove…