05.19.07 WPB, FL Tournament Results

Stop Crying! Tournament 7 Results!

Soul Calibur II Results (4 Participants)
Rules changed to Round Robin

1st-Ichigo (Xianghua, Nightmare)
2nd-Midas (Ivy)
3rd-Icekid (Talim, Taki, Raphael, Cervantes, Ivy)
4th-Sandu (Mitsurugi)

Virtua Fighter 5 Results (6 Participants)
Rules changed to Round Robin

1st-Ladon (Blaze)
2nd-tonyfamilia (Brad)
3rd (Tie)-AlottaBeast (Wolf)
3rd (Tie)-The WiLL (Pai)

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Results (10 Participants)

1st-WayGamble (Law, Baek)
2nd-Hotnix (Nina, Raven)
3rd-187 (Raven, Xiayou, Asuka, Hwoarang, Lili, Paul)
4th-Rude Boy (Hwoarang)

Guilty Gear XX Slash Results
Cancelled due to lack of participants

GGs guys. Sucks that we didn’t get a GGXX/ tournament but Last Stand Tournament II will be hot because of GGXX: Accent Core! Speaking of Last Stand Tournament II, you can check it out at http://www.willvolution.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5506 . I will post a thread in other forums soon.