05/23 Seattle MvC2, ST, VF5 results

MvC2, 18 people

1-Jason Mar-Sentinel/Storm/Commando, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +10
2-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Storm/Sentinel/Cable, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +7
3-Dan Hwang “dann”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +5
4-Rattana Phanthourath-Storm/Sentinel/Commando or Cyclops +3
5-Nolan Deits “Nolander”-Magneto/Storm/Psylocke +1
5-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke +1
7-Kenny Clark “Tempest253”-Storm/Sentinel/Commando
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

ST, 17 people

1-Alex Kelly “Axel Kelly”-Guile +10
2-Jamie Fry “Kuenai”-Chun Li +7
3-Nathaniel Montes “XTG”-Zangief +5
4-Paul Lee “mynameispaullee”-Honda +3
5-Dan Hwang “dann”-Bison/DICTATOR +1
5-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-Ryu +1
7-Brent Cleary “Brentobox”-Vega/CLAW
7-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER

VF, 6 people

1-Mike Femto “WasFemto”-El Blaze +10
2-Clayton “Sorias”-Aoi +7
3-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-El Blaze +5
4-Kenny Clark “Tempest253”-Brad +3
5-David Alvarez “DAWOLF”-Goh +1
5-Paul Lee “mynameispaullee”-??? +1

Final point standings for Season Three…

Jason Mar-71 pts
Rodolfo Castro-59 pts
Danny Hwang-27 pts
Zach Robinson-20 pts
Rattana Phanthourath-19 pts
Mandel Scott-13 pts
Nolan Deits-13 pts
Kyle Chow-5 pts
Evan Wenzel-4 pts
Sam Biniam-3 pts
Lawrence Nath-3 pts
Theo Crooks-1 pt
Ian T.-1 pt
Brian Ma-1 pt
Steven La-1 pt
Sam Yatchmenoff-1 pt

Mandel Scott-62 pts
Julien Beasley-35 pts
Alex Kelly-35 pts
Julian Blake-32 pts
XTG-31 pts
Jamie Fry-17 pts
Pablo Basilio-12 pts
Keith Huang-11 pts
Vetaire Graham-11 pts
Paul Lee-6 pts
Iizuka Yosuke-7 pts
Dan Hwang-5 pts
Ondrej Lang-3 pts
Josh Rey-3 pts
Eddie Ignacio-1 pt

Clayton-37 pts
Frank Caraan-31 pts
Mike Femto-26 pts
Ryan Loop-14 pts
Robert Plummer-10 pts
Julian Blake-8 pts
Rob-7 pts
Ed-7 pts
Greg-5 pts
Kenny Clark-4 pts
Sean-3 pts
Julien Beasley-1 pt
Alex-1 pt
Jamie-1 pt
Paul Lee-2 pts
Jetay Barber-1 pt
Mike B-1 pt
Zach Robinson-1 pt
David Alvarez-1 pt

Random Comments:
-Congratulations to all the winners/top placers of Season Three. Good shit people. Also, congratulations to the top placers from last night’s tourney.

-Jason beat Row 4-3 in the GF set. Interesting finals. There were a lot of good matches this time around as it seemed like for once, all the sticks available were good. Lots of execution. Sadly no matches were recorded this time around =/.

-Axel defeated Jamie Kuenai Fry to win his first ST tourney. Good job my dude. Puttin Gilley on the map.

-My personal favorite match of the night had to be between Kenny and Justin. It was simply bonkers. 206>Bellingham, please remember.

-Peeps went went crazy when DAWOLF was flexin during the Marvel tourney. DA-WOLF! DA-WOLF! DA-WOLF!

-NWM NWM NWM NWM NWM NWM NWM! Had to hype it up a bit real quick.

-Armed and dangerous, ain’t too many can bang with us
Straight up weed no angel dust, label us Notorious
Thug ass niggaz that love to bust, it’s strange to us
Y’all niggaz be scramblin, gamblin
Up in restaurants with mandolins, and violins
We just sittin here tryin to win, tryin not to sin
High off weed and lots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen, steadily countin them Benjamins
Nigga you should too, if you knew
What this game’ll do to you
Been in this shit since ninety-two
Look at all the bullshit I been through
So called beef with you know who
Fuck a few female stars or two
Nigga, blue light, nigga, move like Mike, shit
not to be fucked with
Motherfucker better duck quick, cause
Me and my dogs love to buck shit
Fuck the luck shit, strictly aim
No aspirations to quit the game
Spit yo’ game, talk yo’ shit
Grab yo’ gat, call yo’ click
Squeeze yo’ clip, hit the right one
Pass that weed, I got to light one
All them niggaz I got ta fight one
All them hoes I got ta like one
Our situation is a tight one
Whatcha gonna do, fight or run?
Seems to me that you’ll take B
Bone and Big, nigga die slowly
I’ma tell you like a nigga told me
Cash Rule Everything Around Me
Shit, lyrically, niggaz can’t see me
Fuck it, buy the coke
Cook the coke, cut it
Know the bitch ‘fore you caught yourself lovin’ it
Nigga with a Benz fuckin it
Doesn’t it seem odd to you
Big come through with mobs and crews
Goodfellas down to the Mo Thugs dudes
Who’s the killa, me or you?

  • Good matches all over the place, Marvel cannot be stopped here in Seattle. THANK YOU ZACH, on the reals.

  • Watch out for Dan, I told him to stop drinking and he hops right back into the top 3. Please believe. The past few tournaments he was drunk as hell.

  • DAWOLF, that’s all you need to know. Real talk.

  • ST was fucking gross, but in a humorous way. Thank you Axel for fucking holding it down for the crown. Seems like I might need to practice using more than two buttons in ST, because raw natural talent may no longer be enough. Those from the Mountain of Vernon have been practicing. Julian is probably in his room drinking himself to sleep right now.

Axel was tearing shit up last night with Guile. I was very impressed.

Can’t wait to see how it goes down at PNWMajors. :wgrin:

7-Brent Cleary “Brentobox”-Vega/CLAW
7-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER

First time I’ve seen my name on a list. :bgrin:

I will have my revenge! :rock:

I didn’t get a chance to say thanks, Zach, before I left. So, thanks. :tup: You should have seen when I got Rat in the tourney; after he lost, you could tell he had a wtf face. Good thing, too, now you’re seeded for NWM!


Kenneth whooped the business out of Justaaan.

I’ll be encoding the ST videos tonight and uploading them somewhere tomorrow, hopefully. Might have to resort to youtube…

Nope. Hopefully people actually play ST in this area before the next tournament and NWM though.

My thoughts:

-Paul Lee was especially nasty as an individual to be around last night. Especially after I have been the one who is respecting his skill as a player before ANYONE else thought so… I have no idea. I showed up and kept hearing “You’re going to lose” etc comments while I was playing casuals, and then I said “I’m your biggest fan”, Not shaking my hand when I said “good game” after winning in VF, and cursing, but then trying to be all nonchalant “GG” shit after beating me at ST is shady as hell. WORSE trying to talk shit about me because I wouldn’t money match you when you only have CANADIAN MONEY. I can’t even describe the "WTF"ness involved in talking shit and saying I am ducking YOU in a money match because you occasionally win some games off of me like you are hot shit WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE OUR NATION’S CURRENCY TO EVEN WAGER WITH. I am sad to say but I lost a LOT of respect for you last night. I have NEVER not money matched ANYONE considering I am a fucking gambling addict, so for you to try to claim I am afraid of you in ST now somehow when you don’t have any money is just too fucking stupid.

-I am hoping that the Jamie thing is over with. Congratulations on you for winning second last night and showing a lot of improvement in ST.

-I wish Pablo would stop disrespecting ST and trying to pretend he has never liked it, he is the one who INVENTED the phrase “Seattle ST is serious.” Hopefully it returns to being serious.

-Congratulations to AXEL KELLY for winning his first tournament. I consider you my main rival in ST, it is always amazingly fun to play against you. My new years’ resolution was to win an ST tournament, and you beat me to it…but as my thread shows, I have been on TEAM AXEL HARDBODY for a minute. Also hopefully we will be neighbors soon and you will show up to hang out. :tup:

-I can’t wait to beat Frank in VF.

Don’t take it too seriously, man. I’m pretty sure Paul was COMPLETELY joking on that matter. We don’t MM with canadian money, and he had plenty of cash on him, just no small bills, iirc.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s done. Thanks, Julian. You were pretty cool last night in spite of how snappy I’ve been.

With Mandel abandoning ST, it can’t be as serious for a while, I think. He’s one of the biggest hype machines in the NW, and with him and Beasley gone, Seattle ST just isn’t the same…

I love you all:lovin:

to Paul Lee : Was the #3 from McDs really six bucks or what? I’ll have your movies at the next gathering if not sooner…?

Thanks to Preppy as always for havig us over!

He’s not gone, he just didn’t see a point to playing when mathematically he’s going to be first place (and I assume since tourney entries are donations to NWM). I’m sure he’ll be back for next season.

edit: My signature is not a direct quote from someone who doesn’t like ST.

Yup, yup. Julian knows what’s up.

DAWOLF, From that deuce!

It’s a official!

Lol. It was good match period. I think Justin has to be one of my rivals. I was choking extremely hard anyway. I personally think it should have been his game.

Justin is not from Bellingham, He just goes to school there.


Where is Beasley?

I will say this Airthrow has came up in the ST scene. Boxer owns me free.

Mandel abandoning ST is still a shock to me period.

His Chun is on some other shit like, If you were watching the movie “The Last Dragon”. In the last part of the movie when Leeroy was getting fucked up by SHONUFF.

Make a long story short, Mandel’s Chun has the orange glow. His Chun is on a whole different plain of randomness. It’s about time that he shows everyone what’s up in ST…

Seattle made ST into something I think. You guys do an excellent job when it comes to ST. The only time I play ST is at Zach’s.

Please believe that ST Seattle is here to stay.

Congratulations, Jamie!

Yo Axel, Keep doing your thing my guy, It’s nice to see new faces in the rankings!

Airthrow is serious about the gwop… GG’s your Boxer is starting to act crazy!

Deezo, I told you my nigga! I was going to get it there regardless.

Haha, for sure dude, probably one of the best matches I’ve had in marvel history. You should try to make it for the June 6th gathering, I know I’ll be there :wgrin:

I’m not going to promise anything.

I will definitely try to attend…

Good job, Brent!

You guys should pick to fight each other in the first round from now on in every tourney to ensure it goes on. But this is Seattle Marvel, the meat of a rivalry without any of the beef.

Nice one Axel!

I am sorry for being a dick after VF but I wasn’t pissed at you I was pissed at myself for playing like garbage, so sorry if you took that as disrespect towards you eh? But yeah you seriously should know that I was joking about the whole money match thing! I had a shitload of money just no small bills! Don’t be so sore about it!

EDIT: Oh yeah about being nonchalant after our match in ST I was calmed down after the VF shit so I was just playing like always so don’t read too much into it, also, about you saying I was talking like I think I’m hot shit? Seriously I ALWAYS do that to EVERYONE you should know that by now I have different times I change up the way I present myself in play I’m either talking shit or being humble so you should know that I’m hella random in that aspect. Honestly though you should take it as a sign of respect that I shit talk you that much because I don’t do that to just anyone, just the people I have the most fun playing against, if you don’t like it then LMK eh? I’ll stop.

Hey, I’ve been holding it down with my mexican Ryu forever. Tourney wise, this game is fucking gross, yet fun, so it pisses me off when I lose to shit like Paul’s gay ass ochio tricks. I hate Honda with a fucking passion and it’s even worse when I lose to that bullshit. He’s over there sweating his ass off trying to beat me, and I’m like,“whatever nig, I’m gonna go play marvel now”. It’s all good, if anything Seattle ST is more serious. I saw fucking Brent bust out Claw’s super from out of no where to win a match in epic fashion. If anything, there are more and more people that picking this game up, so that is always good.

Quit frontin’, Pablo. The only thing dirtier than tourney ST, if what you say is true, is ducking a “twelve year-old lookin” kid that challenged you openly to a wrestling match at Zach’s. Now bring the HEART back to Seattle ST!!!

Good stufff Dann. Next time I come up I hope I play you when your not drinking lol.