050309 SF4 SBO Qualifying Tournament in Chiba Results Yeah yeah with Videos

Random fun notes:
-Kokujin(3s Dudley player) plays Ryu in SF4
-This tournament was huge, almost like it was SBO itself
-Dashio(Viper) showed up after the tournament and is the craziest player I’ve ever played in any fighting game
-Nuki and Daigo lost first round to Akimo(Honda) and Bea(Rufus)

The Grand Finals was a Round Robin between 3 teams

Iyo/Shiro VS FZ/Namameso VS 74/Tsubo

The team with the best score wins the tournament. Iyo and Shiro won.


This is how it works. There are several tournaments held in a specific region. The Winners of those tournaments have to play in an AREA FINALS. So even though they won a qualifying tournament, the team that finally qualifies has to win the AREA FINALS also in order to acquire a spot at SBO. If you lose, you start over again. Tough huh?

The AREA FINALS was a round robin between 3 teams:

Iyo/Shiro VS Nemo/Mago VS Kuroken/AC Revenger

Nemo and Mago won the AREA FINALS and are heading to SBO

Videos can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/user/icyohayo1234

Typing this shit is such a bitch

OH SHIT NUKI and DAIGO lost first round!!!

SBO is gonna be sooo crazy for sf4

So Akimo/Bea beat Nuki/Daigo? GO AKIMO!

Also, Namameso looks really good in those videos you took.

vids of shiro’s abel FINALLY
repped fo sho :>

nemo!!! what a chun

Goodness good stuff ohayo. Whats the best arcade in Japan comp wise. Is this your local cade? Keep the footage coming.

japan sounds complicating and dope



Go Shiro go.

Awww no videos of dashio?

So is the pink pizza beast good with ry

ohayo1234, do they have a schedule for the rest of the qualifiers and area finals???