06.05.05 - W.I. Round Robin results


1st- Jay “ytwojay” Son - MSP, MSS-a, Scrub
2nd- Danny “Clockw0rk” Maniago - Team Clock, Omega Red|Storm/Strider/Doom
3rd- Wes “Blockable Laser” Matsui - Storm/Sent/Cable, Sim/Iron Man/Sent
4th- Todd “Todd vs Todd” Jenny - MSP
5th- Tim “Wenzo” Wen - Team Clock

The rest of the results dont matter.

Steak Dinners + Swedish Fish + Gin and Tonic = Good times all around. Storm/Strider/Doom is ridiculous, and getting off the phone to get beasted on is no good.

Toddmighty took me to the SAVAGE LAND :wow:

Clockw0rk gets his storm/strider/doom owned by my sent/storm/cable. Don’t bring in that weak shit into my house danny. LoL! GGs, Todd and Tim you guys are getting a lot better, keep it up to rep the 949. Gin and Tonics for life!

( ^^)

next time ill play with my hands instead of my feet


nice av clock. wheres it from?

my guess is namco x capcom