06/06 Seattle MvC2, ST, VF5 results

MvC2 results, 22 people

1-Jason Mar-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Sentinel/Storm/Commando
2-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
3-Rattana Phanthourath-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops
4-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
5-Zach Robinson “Preppy”-Mega Man/Cable/Tron
5-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke
7-Mark Santos-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
7-Ryan Murrell-Magneto/Storm/Psylocke

ST results, 15 people

1-Julien Beasley “zass”-Balrog/BOXER, Vega/CLAW
2-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li
3-Nate Montes “XTG”-Zangief
4-Dan Hwang “dann”-Bison/DICTATOR
5-Jamie Fry “Kuenai”-Chun Li
5-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER
7-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-Ryu
7-Elias Can’t seem to remember his last name “Mechanica”-Dhalsim

VF5 results, 5 people

1-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Eileen
2-Clayton “Sorias”-Aoi
3-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-El Blaze
4-Kenny Clark “Tempest253”-Brad
5-David Alvarez “DAWOLF”-Goh

Random Comments
-Thanks again to Zach for giving us a place to have our tourneys. Also thanks for the bomb ass Marvel mix he made for me. That shit is sick.
-Jason beat Row 4-1, 4-2 in the grand finals. Won 6 straight matches in losers. What a monster.
-Julien beat me in the ST grand finals 4-2, 4-1.
-VF had a round robin tournament due to lack of participants.
-Marvel match of the night, at least for me personally, was Frank vs Kenny. Ridiculously funny.
-Some of the Marvel matches were recorded.


where the dann be at in dat Marvel?

He was too busy beating me in ST :frowning:

Do people want the footage in big hour long blocks or cut up into individual matches like usual?

I’ll be finished capturing the two hours of footage shortly.

I liked the outcome the whole night just seemed to keep going and going and going but in a good way. Thanks to preppy for the microswitch my sticks back to perfection for me again.

Ryan Murrell

individual matches would be ideal if possible, Preppy!

^-- Jamie has all the ST footage, I was only referring to Marvel, sorry. :smile:

<< Check several posts down for the full list of footage >>

Thoughts on my matches:

  • I was thinking Wednesday that I hadn’t been double-snapped in a long time, so of course Thursday vs Kuan I get double-snapped at GameWork as my Cable assist comes out way late, and then Friday vs Nolan as Tron comes out way late. WTH?
  • Dreamcasts are horrible little beasts. Most hilarious match of the tournament to me: Nolan and I flip (he wants to play console, I want to play arcade) and he wins the flip, so we play console… and once each during the first match our sticks go analog. Yuck! Amusingly, that’s hard to punish against if you’re Megaman.
  • Row and JMar both beat me 2-0 I think. I forgot Row and I both pick blue Magnus, so while I build a pretty good lead with my Magnus - I land and can’t figure out which Magnus I was and GGPO. :lol: JMar just was much more clutch than I am. The bastard.

My apologies if any offense was taken by Nolan during our match. I didn’t mean to extend the handshake early as an insult, I just thought the match was almost mathematically over at that point. I think we’re good, but I did want to apologize just in case cuz I like Nolan and our matches did get kind of hectic. MSP vs MegaTron on console gets too wacky. =P

Man, I suck. You should know that by now. I heard there was a vid Zach’s site with you straight up raping me.

I bet you didn’t expect somebody to walk up full screen and throw, did you?

That match with me vs. Nolan – I didn’t know I looked that good while playing. I can’t believe I got a couple hits in on him; he’s a beast.

damn this shit is godlike

This is Julian, and DICTATOR should be the first character listed for me, considering I beat 3 people with him and didn’t win a single game with Boxer. And I used Claw.

…Cus, people care.

I think Dann got 9th? Lost to Nolan in winner’s and then JMar in loser’s, I think.

With the help of “The Wire Season One” and Mighty-O donuts, the rest of the Marvel footage is done and will be up in the morning. It’s almost done uploading now actually, but the girl needs love so I’ll stop while I’m ahead. <3

I don’t even care about the rest of this sentence. “The Wire Season One” is all I needed to see. Speaking of which, I still need to watch Season 4 and Season 5.

Back on topic.

Me vs. Kenny was a hilarious match. The amount of WHOOAAAAS in the last minute of that video were monumental.

OK, here’s all the Marvel footage we captured:

Enjoy. :tup:

^ Awesome. Thanks a bunch Preppy.

Ya that vid was ok. I did notice that our matches are not usually like that one and I’m attributing that to your 7th beer. You should watch the vid too.

Thank you thank you thank you :pray:

Mandel vs. Kyle is pretty beastly too.


Missing everything.


Requesting Preppy’s mix, please. :smiley: