06/09 SF Thrid Strike and MVC2 tourn at GAME CRAZY selden NY

Selden GameCrazy
291 Middle Country road
Selden, NY 11784
happylittietrees@aol.com- (thats Guido’s email) hes the guy running this at the store

tourn will start 7pm Saturday 06/09/07

as you know its Marvel vs Capcom2 and SF third strike

i dont think there is an entry fee…i think the winner gets a gift certif to game stop but thats just from my recent knowledge fromt he last mvc2 tourn there

i don’t this is happening anymore due to the guy running it is no longer working at gamecrazy

Wow. Ok. That sucks if that’s the case. So what, the whole Fighting Spirit league thing is over just like that? I wonder about all the people who already paid?

Well, if this actually does happen afterall, I’ll try to be there. I’m working at 2 so I probably won’t get off in time.