06/14 Seattle MvC2, CvS2, 3rd Strike and GGXX results


Here is a list of the results for the Lanwerx 6/14 tourney.


1st Rodolfo Castro RowTron
2nd Jason Kuan Kuan
3rd Rattana Phanthorath
4th Mark Santos
5th Steven Thongsythavong
5th Naser
7th Evan Wenzel
7th Eric Foley Stiltman
9th Ian T. Vashthastampede
9th Paris Conway
9th Jesse Hall Hustleman17
9th Kyle Chow
13th Trace Prewitt ICD-3
13th Zach Robinson Zachdms
13th Cory Wyckoff Dan_is_my_hero
13th Issariya Huvanandana
17th Eielson Stewart

3rd Strike

1st Masanori Takee
2nd Jason Gonzalez Apoc
3rd Mike Avery Strider M
4th Issariya Huvanandana
5th Rob Plummer Zig21
5th Eric McAuley
7th Zach Robinson zachdms
7th Andrew Schmunk Crackerfury


1st Ian T. Vashthastampede
2nd Jason Gonzalez Apoc
3rd Masanori Takee
4th Trinh Nguyen DirtyShin
5th James Siew Peachy
5th Gon Liu puzzlefite
7th Naser
7th James Naumann astroboy
9th Mike Avery Strider M
9th Billy Natividad Sie Kensou
9th Cory Wyckoff Dan_is_my_hero
9th Evan Wenzel Rairu
13th Zach Robinson zachdms


1st Mark Santos
2nd Rodolfo Castro RowTron
3rd Billy Natividad Sie Kensou
4th Trinh Nguyen DirtyShin
5th Rattana Phanthourath
5th Jackson Chen
7th Andrew Schmunk Crackerfury
7th Masanori Takee
9th James Siew Peachy
9th Gerald Guess Shadow Blanka
9th Trace Prewitt ICD-3
9th Ian T. Vashthastampede
13th Alec Whitney Xaander
13th Cory Wyckoff Dan_is_my_hero
13th Mike Avery Strider M
13th Vataire Graham Veteru
17th Mike Svien ShinX
17th Evan Wenzel Rairu
17th Eric McAuley
17th Rob Plummer Zig21


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Mark Santos is a fucking SAVAGE

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** Mr.R@t was there?!?! Wow he came with the expectations of losin to the Mandel Sentinel/Commando special. Poor guy, maybe next time ya heard!**


just saw this thread… Good job everyone!!



I hate to do this I would love for this shit to last but I would have to take pictures of my rear end so you wont forget my ass:lol: .

good shit rowtron and kuan:).