06.23.07 WPB, FL Tournament Results!

Last Stand Tournament II Results!

Virtua Fighter 5 Tournament (5 Participants)
1st-The WiLL (Pai)
2nd-X-tian (Lei Fei)
3rd-AlottaBeast (Wolf)
4th-tonyfamilia (Brad)

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Tournament (6 Participants)
1st-Hotnix (Raven)
2nd-AlottaBeast (King)
3rd-CEO of Darkness (Dragunov)
4th-The WiLL (Law)

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament (17 Participants)
1st-Mystic (Itachi)
2nd-projekt84 (OTKN, Kankuro)
3rd-Icekid (OTKN, Temari, Itachi, Kisame, Naruto, Kankuro, Sakon, Haku)
4th-Mr. Brightside (OTKN, Sakon, Gai, Naruto)

NGNT4 Main Event (Winner gets a FHC Title Shot)-Icekid (Rock Lee, Kimimaro) def. Mr. Brightside (Sakon)

NGNT4 FHC Title Main Event-projekt84 (Sasuke, Kankuro) def. Icekid (Haku, Kankuro)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Tournament
Cancelled due to lack of participants.

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Tournament (15 Participants)
1st-Shadow Man 2099 (May)
2nd-Mak0infus3d (Ky, Testament, Sol)
3rd-Ironlung (Order-Sol)
4th-Darkhonor90 (Ky)

This tournament was fun and awesome! This event had a bunch of people in attendance, great matches and more hybrid players than usual. This was a great way to end the 06-07 season and move on to Willvolution 2007!

CEO of Darkness-:stuck_out_tongue:
AlottaBeast-It sucks that you had to leave early and miss Accent Core, but you’re a beast as always in the 3D tournaments!
VF5 Crew- Whenever I have time, I’ll try to go to Miami and play some casuals against y’all. And, INCIDENT, you have a good Jeffry and thank you for letting us borrow your PS3!
Hoodini, IG88C-Thanks for coming and rep WPB in T5DR!
Hotnix-We’ll talk more about your “idea” later on. :slight_smile:
Darkhonor90-You actually showed up? Hehe j/k. Your Ky looked hella good and you still got the NGNT4 touch, son!
Team Blockstunners-Fun times at Sonic’s. Why do I have a feeling that someone is going to call me a drifter? :slight_smile:
Nero and ShadowGeta-Thanks for coming guys and hope to see y’all at Metrocon and Willvolution 07!
Icekid-Darn. You didn’t get that money match…
princess of light-I had a feeling I didn’t have time to play casuals in NGNT4/EX against you in this tournament but we will later on.
Urban Ninja- You pulled some stuff out of my Naruto playbook! You improve everytime I play against you.
Mr. Brightside-It’s been quiet without you in my tournaments. Good to see you again!
Sakura-The Iruka/Sakura match will be put on hold until the 07-08 season. :slight_smile: Also, good Ten Ten.
Shadow Man 2099-The Willvolution 2006 GGXX/ Champion was in attendance! Your May is a beast!
HunterSFL-Good job on your first Guilty Gear tournament! I see great potential in ya!
Senkei33-Great Faust as always.