06/28/2008 NY vs NJ 5 on 5 results

I’m posting a new thread because ShadedWolf’s thread on the subject is inaccurate.

The Format

2/3 games for 1 point. First to 15 points wins. NY stays on while NJ rotates.

The NY Side

Murdoc plays first and goes 4-1 (loses to RSigley)

Josh360 goes second and goes 5-0 (Loses to no one)

Arthur goes third and goes 4-1 (Loses to RSigley)

Amir goes fourth and goes 2-1 (Loses to ShadedWolf)

Doug (NY’s fifth member) didn’t have to play.

The NJ Side

ShadedWolf goes first and goes 1-3 (Loses to Murdoc, Josh, Arthur)

Rudy goes second and goes 0-4 (Loses to everyone)

GBursine goes third and goes 0-4 (Loses to everyone)

Rsigley goes fourth and goes 2-1 (Loses to Josh)

Phil goes fifth and goes 0-3 (Loses to everyone)

**Final Score 15-3 **


  • RSigley is the New Jersey good shit on your wins.
  • GBursine’s Chuck Norris shirt is to godlike.
  • Phil subbing with -1 seconds notice
  • RuFree getting bodied by everyone
  • ShadedWolf plays Murdoc and Amir first to seven.
  • ShadedWolf plays Murdoc in a 4/7 (Two 2/3’s really) and loses 4-0
  • ShadedWolf wants the run back with Murdoc first to seven and wins 7-3
  • ShadedWolf plays Amir and loses 7-4
  • ShadedWolf plays Arthur 4/7 and loses 4-0

(ShadedWolf Sucks)

Vids will be posted soon.

Thanks for the correct results. Shoutouts to gbursine, Rob Sigley, and Phil for being their Godlike usual selves. Thanks to Shadedwolf and RuFREE for getting bodied by me in the 5 on 5. Good shi’t to NY for all our usual massive shi’t talk.

This is more like it. Yeah, shoutouts to Blacksidephil , Rob “The Renegade” Sigley, and GB “The Kodiak” Ursine, you guys are mad chill, good games. Shoutout to RuFree for being entertainingly free, haha. Shadedwolf …FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

good shit fellas… lol even though yal missed the hypeness at cf

Dam New Jerzz is free like that?? Lmfao at shaded crying over a lil shit talk… dont come to cf ever lol:rofl:

Good riddens, he’s only making there tournaments bad. IMO, banning him is a good idea. If one person doesn’t like the actions of the community. He shouldn’t be in the community. I definitely vote him out. He’s the only one who’s making this whole thing sour.

woooooooooooo wooooooooooooo wooooooooooooo, b4 u ban some one let him come to a cf tourney and c the real tournament atmosphere. Just a thought.

Yeah, he’s done. He’s a smudge in NJ, we have to clear NJ’s name again. So GGPO Dean.

I was thinking about arguing here but you wouldn’t recognize the truth even if it bit you in the ass, you can live in your fantasy land. I’m sorry that you guys want to be classless.

Thanks for proving my points and showing your true colors. I know what a proper tournament scene looks like, and this was NOT a proper tournament scene or even close.

C.N.Wolf, Snake, Merdoc all shameless it’s sad. You’re salty because you guys lost your fair share of games to me. Are you serious? LOL! I’m done here, my only regret is treating you guys with respect and dignity, but it’s my fault, I got fooled into thinking you had some sort of decency for yourself.

Yeah, it’s not proper because you say it’s not proper, that’s always your case. This is why I believe it would be better if you don’t show up next time. If you can’t accept the way the majority act, don’t come, plain and simple. I beat you in the 1st to 7 where it counted, I lost to you in the tournament so I can play Rudy, then I lost to you that last casual because I wanted to leave. You suck, and the 1st to 7 proved that. I have respect, just not towards you.

Murdoc97 (2:35:55 AM): msp sucks, i can earth it
Murdoc97 (2:36:04 AM): i am pretty much used to that match up
Murdoc97 (2:40:36 AM): Team is too fragile and it sucks, nothing is guaranteed with it, too much reseting involved
Murdoc97 (2:45:17 AM): I am basing this on Yipes MSP and what he says about it, yiipes doesnt rom he goes straight resets

Read it over again several times until you realized you just got owned hardcore… I guess I should take it as a compliment that I was able to do what Yipes couldn’t even do by your words. Truth hurts doesn’t it? LOL!

7-3 son. 7-3. After being tired out, playing through the entire tournament, endless casuals, and 1st to 7 with amir. RESULTS SPEAK THE TRUTH!

Edit in case you don’t remember, I didn’t reset you once! LOL!

This is more like it, results are more clear here. Merdoc show em what’s MSFREEE NY CATS KEEP SHIT TALKIN YOU NIGGAS MAD FUNNY

So you lost a total of 9 games to me, (2 in tournament, 3 in casuals afterward, 4 from 1st to 7)

While I lost a total of 8 games to you (1 in tournament, 0 in casuals, 7 in first to 7)

so Shaded’s 9 to Amir’s 8 and I suck? OK. Well it was good playing you this was my second time ever playing against S/D so it was a good experience I’m actually a little sad because I believed you were a nice person after we playing, they were close games and I had fun, but since I know your true colors I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed.

ShadedWolf, you’ve disrespected me more than I can tolerate. We will no longer communicate with each other. Please do not refer to me in any of your future post. If you ever see me in person again, do not talk to me or talk about me. I’m asking you politely. This ends here.

Any future reference to me will be considered disrespect. Please don’t disrespect me. I’m not asking for a lot.


ChaosNightWolf, I have written the truth while you continue to slander and lie about what happened even when you get caught. This I cannot tolerate either. We will no longer communicate with each other? Okay if that’s the case then do not speak to me and realize that you are forfeiting your first to 7 that you ASKED me to do. If I ever see you in person I will not speak to you again, and I will ignore you if you speak to me and ask the tournament organizer (most likely Liston) to deal with you. I’m replying to you politely. This ends here.

I’m not asking a lot either, don’t talk to me, I hope you have enough respect for yourself to keep your word.


Dude, you suck. I beat you when I cared to beat you. 2-0 in the tournament and I beat you more than you EVER beat me the whole night. Don’t forget the comeback with cable and all. Your lucky NJ people aren’t as active on the forum, they can vouch for me. By the time the the 1st to 7 was going to happen, I had already proved what I wanted too. Fact of the matter is, you won’t play me for money, it’s whatver. You were the one begging me to play. You were bitching to the little kids to get off so you can play me. Yipes erfs me free, but he can tell you he knows MSP is fragile ask ANYONE in NY. You can even ask Rudy. I beat you whenever I wanted to. Amir was telling me to leave before the 1st to 7 was over, we were running late. But I said “you know what, let me just finish it out of spite” Are you serious? I didn’t care about that at all. I proved my point in the beginning where I wanted to.

Fancy paragraph for “i’m salty”. Look above at what you wrote to me. Did you write that?

Yet, you lost.

It’s that simple, 7 to 3.

7 > 3 I don’t know where you learned math. You beat me when you wanted to? So you’re telling me you didn’t want to beat me in the first to 7? OH KAY. LAUGH OUT LOUD FOR REAL! You asked me after the first to 7 with amir if I wanted to do the first to 7. Amir posted ONLINE that you wanted to play me first to 7 first.

Nice try trying to lie but you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar the evidence is all there.

I believe this covers everything that needs to be addressed. Have a nice day.

??? Still lying and living in fantasy land. We played several games and you “had to go” yet waited like another hour for me to play merdoc and c.n.wolf? Hand caught in the cookie jar.

Ok. I’ll agree with you. I suck. 9 to 8 I should have done better.

You were supposed to prove that I sucked, but 9 to 8… let’s clip one and say even 8 to 8… that’s exactly even. Ok I suck, but then you suck along with me. :slight_smile:

No need to spin the facts, they are all there.

Like I said, I lost my last match to you to leave the place. I lost to you in the tournament so I can have a chance to play Rudy. My true colors are the truth. I only played you in one casual by the way, and that was after the 1st to 7, I said I had to go and you asked me to just play one more. I’m not trying to diss you. I honestly don’t think you’re good at the game. I can’t have my opinion? I would be lying if I told you you were really good, I just don’t feel that way. Addressing the shi’t talk. We do it and like LISTON said, “if you think that was bad, don’t come to chinatown” So once again, if you don’t like how everyone is acting, don’t come. It’s as simple as that.

Alright buddy. It’s okay. I didn’t care about it, we need to leave. I didn’t care about it. I beat you the whole night buddy. Except for that, anyone else would have got the picture. But think what you want. I know you wouldn’t play me for money, so you can say what eeeeeeeeeeeeeeever you want buddy.

Firstly to amir, I edited in a response to your comment above,

Merdoc, I have nothing more to say to you. The only “what eeeeeeever” (did I get enough e’s in there?) I have to say to you are the facts. Lie some more.

Enjoy your fantasy land. I have nothing else to say you need only to look at the facts to know you lost.

shoutouts to blacksidephil