07/24 Fayetteville, NC Tournament Results

Overall I think the tournament went very well… I had a lot of fun, met a few new people, got see some old faces. Hopefully we will be able to have another one around Sept., Oct. Should also be posting what little 3S/CvS2 footage we got. Going to also try and get some marvel footage if anyone can donate…

I apologize for any misspellings or errors ahead of time… I also do not know everyone’s SRK handle, so…


  1. Kevin Michaels A-Kyo, Akuma, Sagat
  2. James Dostie(MegaZangief) K-Sagat, Bison, Blanka
  3. Lamont Prince(Ghettoize) C- Sagat, Blanka, Vega
  4. David Haney K/C-Sagat, Blanka/Vega, Bison/Cammy
  5. Shawn Cosby(Ice Ninja) A-Iori, Hibiki/Sakura, Bison
  6. Loborine K- Geese, Ryu, Sagat
  7. Moose Hummel
  8. Lucious Clayton(SieClayton)
  9. Chris Happoaldt
  10. Eric Peterson(Lord Doom)
  11. Shaun “Evil Storm” Banks
  12. James Brenner(Jive Turkey Jones)
  13. Yakamashi
  14. Antwan
  15. Jose Hernandez
  16. Jordan Al-Khouri
  17. Joe Municz
  18. Tudy Rivera
  19. Toby Grant
  20. Eric Tillman


  1. Yosef -Alex
  2. James Brenner(Jive Turkey Jones) -Urien
  3. Shaun Cosby(Ice Ninja) -Ken
  4. David Haney -Alex
  5. James Dostie(MegaZangief) -Hugo/Ken
  6. Mike Ku(Edmondantes) -Ken
  7. Darrel Kemp
  8. John Precup
  9. Eric Peterson(Lord Doom)
  10. Jose Hernandez(Evil Morrigan)
  11. Brandon
  12. Moose Hummel
  13. Loborine
  14. Tudy Rivera
  15. Tucker Kopf
  16. Kevin Michaels
  17. Ecko
  18. Alex Roski
  19. Edward Wood
  20. Ray Martin
  21. Eric Tillman


  1. Shaun “Evil Storm” Banks -MSP
  2. Eric Peterson(Lord Doom) -Blackheart, Cable, Cyclops
  3. Dee Boggess -Magneto, Storm, Sentinel; Magneto, Cable, Sent
  4. Israel Barker -Cable, Cammy, CapCom
  5. Jimmy Robertson
  6. Shaun Cosby(Ice Ninja)
  7. Jay
  8. Bryan Tovv
  9. James Dostie(MegaZangief)
  10. TJ
  11. Rod West(Buck Jones)
  12. Lucious Clayton(SieClayton)
  13. Mark Rucker(Motoki)

Congrats to all who participated…

okay someone damn explain to me the “rules” for chossing characthers in cvs2.

because i left with a little sour taste in my mouth.

i was under the impression tat in ur order select screen, u were suppose to leave it alone.

from what i know first match both players can change the order of there characters on the select screen, second round winner has to keep same team same order, loser can change team and order, if the winning player of a match changed the order on the select screen, u need to call them out or too bad so sad. -CvS2

i enjoyed playing and meeting some of you guys. pics will be up soon on the empire site and an article. although i kinda wanna revise my article and have one of you look over it to see if i missed anything. actually i think i will.

can’t wait til the next tournament.:slight_smile:

Yall just remember moose should have had the last laugh those sticks weren’t what i was use to but u got lucky james (mega zangief) lol. In the end, good match but i beat myself going into the last round up with 75 percent of my life. Lol yall should come down to our tourneys…its in petursburg most of the time only like a 2 hour to 2.5 hour drive. Learn u can’t low jump on bison RC PSYCHO CRUSHER RULES

It was good seeing everyone again. The tourney had a nice turn out for the pre week evo… and im glad we got cvs2 done before the place closed =/ since we couldnt stay later. Hopefullly we will have a better turn out for our next tourney in oct/nov whenever it is.

as far as loborine… When you first select your characters for the 1st match you can move or switch them on the character select screen any order u want but then on the 2nd match… if you win… you have to put them in the same order you did the first match

I had a greattime everybody. Good matches to all who I played. Sorry I couldn’t put on a better show (lol). Holla back.

Mega: I’ll try to get that footage to ya asap.

(repost from NC thread)

Had a great time @ the tourney; thanks for the hospitality, Fayetteville.

Good to see everybody: Fayetteville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Hickory, Winston, and all points in between. Some Richmond made it too; thanks for coming out. Durham, I see you phuckers all the time, so no shouts… (j/k, you know how we do)

Good atmosphere, enough room to move around, mad chicks to look at… not bad. I’d say it was a success.

Durham repped… no surprise there.

edmondantes, nice showing. I know I give you a lot of grief, but it’s always in jest, and I’m a big enough individual to acknowledge the positive when it occurs…

Good match, Motoki…

Hope everybody got back safe, & hope everybody makes the next one in Sep/Oct.


Had a great time at the tourney it felt good playing on the charlotte mvc2 cabinet.I’m glad i got to see alot of new faces and alot of the old ones i already knew.Good job for everyone who placed top 3 in all games.(Megazangief)can u change the names for the mvc2 people,D.boggess(Dee Boggess)izreal(Israel Barker)shaun banks(Shaun "evil-storm"Banks)would really appreciate it.Also does anyone know if this is in APEX or not.Can you also put the teams for the top 3 people in each game(if you can).Shaun-MSP,EricP.-Blackheart,cable,cyclops,Dee-Mag,Storm,Sent,and Mag,Cable,Sent and Israel-Cable,Cammy,Commando.Thanks.Hope everyone got home ok,we will try to make the next one to.Thank you for the hospitality.

P.S.-I just have 2 say “Lord Doom” you r getting alot better with that Bh,Cab,Cyc team.I thought you would have picked Bh,Cab,Doom,to keep pysclocke of you.Oh well it’s all good.Also good job Yousef for getting 1st in 3s.Charlotte represented.I wanted to play some money matches in MVC2 but no one wanted to play any.Holla back.

  1. David Haney K-Sagat, Blanka, Bison

i only played that against shawn when i lost first match and started that against u megageif

i played C/k vega/blanka sagat and cammy mainly =p

Moose- Really good match, had me worried, but sorry :D. The tournaments you hold in Petersburg, are they console or arcade??

As for APEX, no, I tried getting our arcade APEXed MANY TIMES, but that dude just keeps fucking ignoring me… So I said fuck it, APEX doesnt really mean shit anyways.

wtf moose? I can’t believe you went :lol:. I wish this tournament was earlier. I already moved out of NC. Too bad :(… Hit me up at the next ECC. I plan on going

Hey Glory you can always come down to one in richmond and stay at my place. They are console so u don’t have to worry about sticks. Lol i can’t stand arcade sticks that aren’t 360s:mad: .

Mmmm… All of our sticks are optical 360s…

lol not a perfect 360 tho. lol those things were tight as hell. you know theres a proble when i can rc charge motions but can’t do a double qcf

yo those sticks are p360’s. I got one on my stick as well. The ones you play on might be Wico p360’s which are out of production now. They had looser springs. The ones you played on are happs 360’s and they are just fine to me.

tons of people had to adjust to the sticks at f-ville, but only a few felt like they needed to justify their failure by placing the blame outside themselves.

Yo, I had a blast at Fayetteville this time. Wish I could have done better in 3S and CvS2 though, felt like I kinda dropped the ball on those. I had mad fun though.

Big ups to everyone who placed in the games and big ups to my boys in Fayetteville for throwing a good tourney(…too many props to hand out individually… )

It was nice seeing Charlotte again as usual and it was good seeing everyone from Hickory and Winston as well.

Can’t wait for the next one…

PS…Durham repped :smiley:

“House of Cheese” baby :slight_smile:

Released some vids from the tournament on our site. www.Scrubtactics101.com all CVS2 and 3S footage. The DL speeds seem to be a little slow, but they are there if you want them.